Brimful Of Ash


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The Le Chéile Arts & Music Festival.

Ireland’s “longest-running Independent music and arts” festival.

Now it’s 18th year in Oldcastle, Co Meath.

Feestival director Fergus Govern writes:

We have a line up that includes ASH, HamsandwicH, Damien Dempsey, Travis Oaks, Big Generator, Corner Boy, Preachers Son, plus over 60 more acts. There will also be a full weekend of kids activities, Art, History, Workshops and theatre over the August Bank holiday weekend.

La Chéile 2015

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9 thoughts on “Brimful Of Ash

    1. Mikeyfex

      H’well now. Someone’s obviously never been to a wedding/work do/Open day/Communion/Bowling Alley Opening/21st/Funeral/referendum count night/Swine flu party/Christening/Agricultural Show/Anniversary/festival/pub west of the Shannon if they’ve never heard of Big Generator!

    2. Squiggleyjoop

      You’ve never heard of Radioactive Grandma? Ah they’re fantastic. Sort of like a dubstep cross between Slovak Panther and Richie Fray and his Midnight Hamelts.

  1. Delta Alpha Desert Foxtrot

    Also – IT shouldn’t be counted as a festival when it’s individual tickets per performance?

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