The Postal Vote



Seona O’Fegan

“Through my work as a Postmistress, every day I listen to and discuss the concerns and needs of people. What I hear very strongly is a need for greater Government support for vibrant communities, where people can access the essential services they require and can do their day-to-day business.
As a candidate I am not just about the Post Office. If elected, I will work for stronger policy, and more investment, in each of the areas that make communities vibrant – schools, health services, transport and jobs.”

Seona O’Fegan who is standing as a Post Office candidate in Galway West. She is the Postmistress at Barna and Fr. Griffin Road Post Offices in Galway city.


Postmasters launch election campaign with first candidate (Irish Examiner)

(Pat Moore/Photocall Ireland)

8 thoughts on “The Postal Vote

  1. Jimmee

    So basically she wants taxes from big towns and cities to subsidise small villages to save a service that’s on the brink of being obsolete.


    1. Clampers Outside!

      Where does Dublin get it’s water…. oh yeah, from down the country and other counties…. Country folk subsidising the cities. Imagine that.

      Dublin will be giving them their city rubbish in trucks next, oh wait, they already do…. I’ll just stop now….

  2. Jay

    Someone should probably point out that of the over 1100 post offices in Ireland, only 52 of them are owned/managed by anpost.

    The people closing rural post offices would appear to actually be the postmasters themselves. The individuals who actually own them.

  3. Sharon's Boyfriend

    Also, I remember when I was younger looking forward to hearing the postman at the door. He’d bring things like Birthday cards and Christmas cards.
    Nowadays it’s just bills and court summonses.
    -What happened there?

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