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“We are very proud of our Irish culture and dance and are excited to see that it has spread throughout the entire world and that people everywhere want to celebrate Irish culture,”Why should we starve these people of their enjoyment of Irish dance just because they live in a country whose politics we do not agree with?
“…War crimes and atrocities are happening all over the world and maybe Irish dancing and this feis will ease the pain and suffering of some of the good people that live in these countries that have NOTHING to do with these war crimes.”

Statement from The Carey Academy Israel

Irish dancers urged to boycott Israeli Feis by Palestinian supporters (Frances Mulraney, Irish Central)

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75 thoughts on “Diddly Oy Vey

  1. Paolo

    Same argument could have been (and was) used to justify breaking the sanctions on South Africa in the 80’s.

    Shame on the Carey Academy.

  2. shitferbrains

    As it’s Palestinian policy that repatriation is for post ’67 refugees and compensation for the others , where do these headbangers get the figure of 7 million from ?

    1. scottser

      between the jigs and the reels, i’d say those lads need a red-hot polka right up the hornpipe.

      1. scottser

        you’re correct pandora, this is nothing like a bit of mild racism from a bunch of irish lads.

        1. Pandora

          Well what is it then? It’s making an issue which is about the state of Israel, into a bunch of jibes about the Jewish religion!

          1. Neilo

            You have a supporter here, Pandora. Comment on Israel in many forums devolves pretty quickly into Jew-baiting and Broadsheet is no exception.

          2. Pandora

            Because it’s two days old means it’s no longer worth commenting on? Why are you here then?

        1. Pandora

          I’m surprised broadsheet are allowing all of these schoolyard Jew references. As an Irish Jew I find these offensive. I’m pretty sure if an overseas equivalent of this news app made similar jibes about catholic words or Irish family names there would be uproar on here.

          1. Odis

            Your point? seems like you are implying you don’t much care for Broadsheets format. There’s something you can do about that.
            But lets check Broadsheet and its readers out on Catholic references – The pope is a c***.

          2. Caroline

            Good idea. I’ll have another go.

            “Irish Catholics have a historical animosity to Jews the echoes of which have carried over even into a largely post-religious society.”

        1. Pandora

          I stand corrected, broadsheet has done a basic tidy up and removed the words which they feel have gone too far. Opted to leave in the other snide jokes however.

        2. Odis

          For someone who thinks them “little”. You certainly managing to whine about them enough.

  3. Pandora

    I don’t see the big deal with this event. And Ireland does not stand in “full support”. Many Irish (including myself) don’t support the so called Ireland Palestine solidarity movement. I don’t agree with a lot of what Israeli govt is doing but to slate an event organised by people who have no government links is just wrong.

  4. Pandora

    Can I ask why my comments are being deleted? I just disagreed with the pro Palestine poster. Is that not allowed?

    1. Odis

      Pretty fast on the complaint there Pandora, (wonder why?) I see three minutes between your comments.

      You must be new here, Log out and log on again if you don’t see your comment.

      1. Odis

        “Spend your day watching this kind of minutiae?” – glad you asked Pandora.
        No, I’ve just got a sharper mind, than yours and have been on Broadsheet a while, so I know what they do and do not censor.
        It seemed like you had a very legitimate complaint, till I looked at the timestamps on your comments.

  5. Box

    Ridiculous protest, the arts and sport have long been a way to establish good will and diplomacy among competing political factions – whether or not that’s the intended purpose.

  6. ffintii

    A bit of craic and ceol is far better than bombing phosperous bombs on innocents, so chill

      1. Zarathustra

        … barefoot on a canvas, while wearing really tight Speedos and, with coiffured chest hair.

  7. Corky

    what’s broadsheet.ie ‘s point here?

    broadsheet.ie should get a moderator on here pronto – is there any integrity to this website?

    1. Parochial Central

      Did you not read the policy statement and terms and conditions on the footer of this page? Oh. Right. That’s only for the others.

  8. Parochial Central

    Shame on the so-called ISPC and their naked sectarianism and hatred for kids. They’re an embarrassment.

  9. Joe the Lion

    I’m profoundly in love with pandora now.
    She put I believe the correct term is the “kibosh” on all of us schmucks. Mazel tov Pandora!

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