‘Denis O’Brien Awaits His Theseus’



Communications Minister Alex White


From the Irish Times letters page…

“I don’t understand why Minister for Communications Alex White is so averse to legislation to clean up past media ownership deals that are strangling freedom of speech (“McDowell ‘chancing his arm’, says Minister”). In the past Mr White has vigorously defended openness. But he is guardian of an industry where Denis O’Brien has been allowed a controlling interest in media from Antrim to Kerry, in print and on the airwaves.”

“Diversity is obviously necessary in media ownership. But both the Competition Authority and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland have been remiss in protecting the public interest on this issue. Why? It seems to me that corporate power speaks loudest in the ears of each of these bodies.”

Mr White believes “constitutional property rights” prevent retrospective legislation. But the nursing home charges in 2004 were installed under a retrospective law. Neither the Supreme Court nor his own Government have done anything to reverse that situation. The constitution forbids retrospective criminal legislation, but is silent on such retrospective civil legislation as this.”

“Sadly I fear Mr White gets to the heart of the issue when he also cites “labyrinthine commercial issues”. It’s my guess that, at the heart of that labyrinth is a Denis O’Brien, still awaiting his Theseus.
Dublin 7.”

Diversity of media ownership (Irish Times)

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27 thoughts on “‘Denis O’Brien Awaits His Theseus’

    1. scottser

      I had better caic with the yiddish ceili puns, but apparantly thats racist. I do expect this comment to be removed when the bs staff sober up later.

  1. Spiders For Sale

    What’s this thread about?
    Is it exclusive to those of you who have Television Licenses?
    And televisions?
    I haven’t a notion, and sequentially I I feel victimised and forced into a minority I never knew existed.

    Please, Broadsheet,…
    …do the right thing. Just send me their e-mail addresses…I’ll do the rest meself.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Victimised ’cause you don’t have s telly?

      Ask the Gay Pride crowd ta’ give you an Initial
      So you can join in

  2. Truth in the News

    Dept of Agriculture inroduced retropective conditions attached to the
    Single Farm Payment about 3 years ago where they changed stocking ratio’s
    for a previous year, if one arm of the Government can do it, then there is
    no reason where it can not be invoked in media monoplies, the private
    property right is not absolute, the common good has to be taken into account
    It all boils down to who is afraid of Dennis O’Brien and his legal eagles, it
    seems almost everyone, other than Broadsheet, as for Alex White he too
    preuccupied how he might prop up RTE before he too is poliiically liquidated.

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