Meanwhile, In Clondalkin



Last night.

My Lovely Horse Rescue writes

“We got a call from police saying there were two goats in Clondalkin fields. Animal authorities had been called a few weeks ago but never came to save them.

This evening this is what we found, one killed by a Scrambler [motorbike], two kids trying to catch them for money. We were too late, couldn’t find the second one. This is just so sad, this was a life, a living thing with feelings..

We don’t think Dubliners really understand what is going on in our city – some parts of Dublin are out of control with anti-social behaviour.

My Lovely Horse Rescue

Thanks Aoife

48 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Clondalkin

  1. Sinabhfuil

    Doesn’t look like a wild goat? Someone’s pet that’s been ‘strayed’ after the care was too much for the owner?

  2. Dhaughton99

    Over the recent weeks, we get 3 scramblers coming in from the estate next to us and run rampant on the paths and roads, and when you call the Gardai, it’s “there’s not much we can do about it, we are not allowed to chase them”.

    1. pissedasanewt

      I can only imagine the uproar when little anto goes under a car while evading Garda. How hard can it be to track these lads home and impound the scramblers if not taxed and insured, which they should be as its almost impossible to get from house to field without crossing a public highway at some point.

  3. Rois

    There is no doubt that some areas have serious anti-social behaviour problems but I think to say that these areas are ‘out of control’ overshadows the significant effort that is being made by community groups to address these problems.

    1. collynomial

      I would tend to agree with this sentiment. One dead goat should not reflect upon the entire people of a town.

      The “animal authorities” who never arrived are as culpable for the death of the goat as the people who stood by and did nothing.

      It is sickening however that the goat was killed, and one would hope that the death was accident rather than by intent.

    2. Paolo

      They are “out of control” by definition. If you cannot prevent people from driving motorbikes on public fields then you do not have control.

      1. Rois

        I understand what you’re saying but my point is that those people are just a small section of the community in an area like Clondalkin, it’s not fair to portray the whole area as out if control.

      2. Rois

        I understand what you’re saying but my point is that those people are just a small section of a community. It’s not fair to portray the whole area as out of control.

  4. Joxer

    Dead Foal up on the Grand Canal just east of Ballyfermot. i could be wrong but i think i saw this being jockeyed on Monday. I see that the council have erected a fence aroundthe carcass but not removed it as of yet

  5. doncolleone

    sterilisation clinics? give ’em 50 quid to get rid of the auld fallopians, that’d do the trick, no more scum in 1 generation.

    1. Custo

      I’d be more concerned about the children in some distant parts of Clondalkin that the government has systematically failed, the rampant heroin addiction and the ridiculously high U-18 suicide rate in Quarryvale than some goat.

      1. Paolo

        Yeah, the system has failed them, not the adults who have responsibility for them. Everyone in this country has access to free education and I have personal experience of making an effort to better myself. The people that fail to do that have nobody to blame but themselves and apologising for them by blaming the [Government | society| the times we live in] will just consign their kids to the same fate.

        They need to accept responsibility for their own lives and other people need to hold them accountable.

  6. munkifisht

    This reminds me of the Satanists who killed a donkey in Howth n the 80s. Quite grim as far as I remember. I think they cut a lump out of the animal and covered it in tar and removed internal organs. Satanism with animal sacrifice has been an ongoing problem in Dublin for years. Not suggesting though this has anything to do with that.

  7. Mr. T.

    “some parts of Dublin are out of control with anti-social behaviour.”

    That’s partly to do with the so called respectable types who dodge their taxes all the time and demand lower wages and conditions for the people they employ.

    Ireland has been an economically divided society for generations and it’s a very deliberate policy, actively facilitated by political and corporate policies.

    1. Colin

      You mean the same people that are handed money, without fail, from the pockets of the people who get up before dawn and do 40 hours per week? Wish I had time to sit on my backside with a cool can of Dutch Gold watching my 52″ LED TV I got from a deal in Harvey Norman on a Tuesday morning.

      And another thing, how do these people afford scramblers? They ain’t exactly cheap. And more so, the Garda can do nothing to prevent an unlicense, uninsured and untaxed vehicle being used in a public place?

      The issue is far from the banks and the Gubb’erment.

  8. scundered

    I noticed a cyclist recently taking things into his own hands regarding kids on scramblers. The scrambler was flying along the Royal Canal near Broombridge, the cyclist dismounted as path is narrow, and pushed his rusty old bike in front of the scrambler at the last second, and off they came. Must admit it gave a certain amount of satisfaction though highly dangerous of course.

    Luckily I think his bicycle was ok.

  9. Parochial Central

    Abortion on demand now – these scum wouldn’t even be around if we had women’s rights in line with human rights standards. Repeal the 8th.

  10. Bob


    The goats were probably intended to be killed for Eid.

    The scramblers really aren’t that big a deal. They are a current fad.
    FFS, in parts of London there are gang stabbings every day of the week.. it’s ‘out of control’ because of some bikes on the streets? Lads, come off it!

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