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Last night.

My Lovely Horse Rescue writes

“We got a call from police saying there were two goats in Clondalkin fields. Animal authorities had been called a few weeks ago but never came to save them.

This evening this is what we found, one killed by a Scrambler [motorbike], two kids trying to catch them for money. We were too late, couldn’t find the second one. This is just so sad, this was a life, a living thing with feelings..

We don’t think Dubliners really understand what is going on in our city – some parts of Dublin are out of control with anti-social behaviour.

My Lovely Horse Rescue

Thanks Aoife

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Please stop the use of the Wild Mountain Goat from being suspended in a cage [as above] from the top of a crane at Puck Fair causing undue distress and stop the cruelty and abuse that is associated with the Horse and Cattle Fair at same event. Show the world that Ireland can be part of the modern world when it comes to enforcing animal rights’ laws and impose maximum penalties on people who are committing such hideous acts of cruelty. Let’s show the organisers of this event and Government officials that this cruelty must not be tolerated.

From a petition calling for an end to the suspension of a goat at the Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

It currently has 10,365 signatures.

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Department Of Agriculture, Republic Of Ireland: Ban the cruelty of animals at Puck Fair (Avaaz.org)

Pic: Puck Fair