10 thoughts on “Katie Taylor’s Pretty Strong

  1. Just sayin'

    Female Garda knocked unconscious outside Leinster House and broadsheet posts this tripe. Very selective of them, especially given their earlier coverage of the Leinster House protests before they got ugly.

    1. Digs

      Interesting how you think broadsheet works. In fairness though, this kids thing is as jarring as the Moynes fella.

      1. Mani

        Don’t worry. This will soon join the ranks of ‘annyoying nordie bird what read the news’ , ‘daily broadsheet crossword’ and the much derided ‘Wo ist die Juden?’, the ill feted German Where’s Wally?

  2. Geth

    Go on the women’s rugby! Maybe it’s just men don’t like hearing how well women are doing! #GrumpOldGits

  3. Micky

    Love these vids, Great way to hear what irish kids really think, no parents allowed, Ha

    1. Kieran NYC

      This is why things such as de-gendering kids toys IS actually important and not just some “liberal, pinko, yadda yadda…”

  4. greypalm

    “Boys can be King”

    They can be Queens too, but you’ll learn about that when you grow up…

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