49 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Dover

    1. munkifisht

      Yep. Funnier if you live in England and have to put up with the anti emigration bullshit

  1. Mr. T.

    Paddy Power seems like one huge advertising copywriter studio full of lads in their 20s thinking they’re hilarious.

    1. scundered

      they remind me of many modern comedians, and there’s a big audience who confuse crass for talent.

    2. whatdafup

      Do you not think they are making a legitimate point about the english POV towards immigrants and the slow shift towards a closed door policy? Most of their advertising is satirising current social issues.

      Some of it is crap, for sure

        1. classter

          Yes, I reckon it is.

          Mo Farah is (or was until very recently) treated as a hero by the same tabloids who would delight in dog whistle racism about other Somalians.

    1. PaddyMac

      He’s British when he wins, but Scottish when he loses…I think its very funny!

  2. collynomial

    The implication here being the the English love a foreigner so long as they add to the national talent pool.
    I’d say it fairly strongly underlines the hypocrisy in a nicely satirical way. Kudos.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      And I reckon that driver will roll on and roll off that ferry twice a day for the next four – with no load.

  3. All the good ones fly south for winter

    Yet to be final in some singles sport. Both contestants are female.

    Two girls one cup.

    You’re welcome Mr. Power.

  4. Paps

    Fantastic advertisement , It obviously works you guys are giving them tons of free views.

    1. scundered

      An advertisement works when it makes you buy the product.
      I wonder how many people here have placed a bet today as a result of that ad?

        1. scundered

          that’s pretty much the standard get out clause for every rubbish campaign, brand awareness.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            If someone is humoured by their campaigns and has a positive impression of the firm but doesn’t have an account…chances are that when they DO wish to have a flutter, they will remember just that brand. We all ingest what we see around us and, try as we might to resist, our consumer activity is influenced.

          2. scundered

            yeah but making jokes out of the immigration nightmare is not a good base for positivity. Just a cheap shot.

          3. scundered

            so if the theme was the Irish famine for example, would those affected by it also find it funny?

          4. Spaghetti Hoop

            People dying of starvation, no. Britain’s questionable immigration policy, yes.

          5. scundered

            this advert however addresses the victims, not the British government, hence the comparison.

      1. Irish Lass

        I did. I had to spend the 280 yoyos I won on Japan v England last night.

        I think Paddy is a legend, and Im not offended at all by their banter.

  5. Jimmee

    The lily livered who are offended by this are probably the least likely to open a Paddy Power account.

    It is funny. Sorry, what I mean is it’s only funny at the permission of the lily livered left wing PC pinkos.

    1. pedeyw

      Good try, jimmee. Overplayed a bit with lily livered left wing PC pinkos remark at the end, though. Gamblers are idiots.

    2. John E. Bravo

      I would suggest that this is the most left-wing ad for a commercial business that I’ve seen in a long time.

    3. Nigel

      It’s funny if some loud sweaty beer-swilling buffoon says it is, you mean.

      Actually, I think it IS funny, and quite nasty. It highlights the horrible plight of immigrants thanks to current policies and conditions and explodes the hypocrisy of anti-immigrants. It’s a sharp piece of pro-immigrant satire posing as ad copy. Or it’s ad-copy posing as sharp pro-immigrant satire. Either way, it’s sharp.

  6. BobbyJ

    Odd that they left out Chris Froome considering the Tour de France kicks off on Saturday

      1. Joe Lapira

        Yes, England be damned with their multi-cultural society and use of foreign managers for their national Rugby and Football sides.
        You wouldn’t catch us at that or exploiting the Granny rule either for that matter

  7. PPads

    This spotted at Dover rather than where? They’re obviously playing to the UKIP demographic which despite the general election results is definitely growing.

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