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90311671(At the citizenship Ceremony at the National Convention Centre in August)

They come here, etc.,etc.

But what do they think of us?

From Banter:

The New Dubliners will look at the city through the eyes of those who’ve moved here to make the city their home by talking a group of new Dubliners about their experience of living in the city: the good and the bad, the stuff that keeps them here and the things which make them pine for home, the ins and outs of making a home here.


Featuring Wissame Cherfi (film-maker), Monika Sapielak (Centre for Creative Practice), Hassan Lemtouni (cafe owner) and Minhee Won (financial data research specialist).

THIS Wednesday November 27 at the Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1 from 8pm.

The new Dubliners Debate (Banter)

Admission is FREE (but you may sign up here).

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)