9 thoughts on “Love Hertz

  1. Bacchus

    Hertz are a bloody joke anyway. I book a medium sized saloon car…. at the desk they offer me a choice. A Toyota Aygo or a VW Transporter. Seriously. Good rates of booked through Ryanair but everything else is absurd.

  2. :-Joe

    For what it’s worth,

    Hertz(Ireland) are shite… got screwed over by them on a booking recently after being loyal with them for the past five years at home and abroad. Total fup’n joke of a situation.

    If you need a car rental, whatever the circumstances, go with Budget / Avis (same company) if you want to save some hassle and expense.

    Great value,
    Great customer service,.
    More Flexible
    Cars are higher spec for less money.

    Book in Dublin Airport for good deals and a wide selection of vehicles.

    Many thanks to Dara and her colleague(sry forgot his name) in BUDGET for showing some common sense, decency and sorting us out after Hurtz(Ireland) screwed us over and wasted our time nearly ruining our little trip to visit family.

    The dinner was ruined but we had a good time anyway.


    1. Patrick

      Hertz ireland works as a franchise, is an Irish company that has nothing in common with Hertz Europe apart from the branding.

  3. Sheila

    I guess it’ll take a day or two to update all the planes recorded schpeil. Just heard a Hertz advert as the plane boards

  4. Conor

    Ah here, that doesnt happen when you click Car Hire on Ryanair….would be great if it did though.

    The unregulated sham of car hire in Ireland is beyond absurd though, I’ve heard countless stories of people being screwed over by all the big players. But as they are pretty much franchises they get away with it. Just look at TripAdvisor etc for the shocking number of scams being pulled by these cowboys.
    Hertz, Budget, Avis etc are all in on it.

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