6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Paolo

    The private bondholders have already been paid for the most part. The eurobonds held by Ireland and the other nations in order to help Greece function mean that it is US that will be burned.

    They don’t pay their debts and WE lose.

    1. Billy No Mates

      Eh not exactly but good to know the Fine Gael press office is up and running today

      1. ReproBertie

        How’s about instead of just dismissing opinions you disagree with as mere government spin you explain why it’s wrong. We’re not all blessed with an indepth knowledge of international economics. From what BBC are saying the Greek banks are almost out of cash and will have to ask the ECB for a loan but this No vote rejected a deal that came into being because the flow of cash from Europe to Greece was cut off due to their inability to repay.

      2. Wallander

        Why is someone that doesn’t agree with your view automatically branded Fine Gael? Are you that restricted in your outlook? Can people not have differing opinions? I’m sure you agree with free thought, but just as long it follows your own thinking, right?

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