A Very Long Shot


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A distinctive camera with priceless photos from Cuba left on an Air France plane.

We can find it.

Ciaran writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I’m desperate to get my holiday photos back. My girlfriend and myself recently returned from a ten-day holiday in Cuba, we were on the connecting flight from Paris to Dublin on Saturday about 4pm (Air France AF1116 – in case anyone may have been on it).

When leaving the plane I left our camera on board…I realised within two minutes of being off the plane but wasn’t allowed back on.

I registered a report with Skyhandling (who do the luggage for Air France), Air France themselves and went to the Airport police. I know that the camera was definitely left on the plane and at this stage all we really would like back is the SD card with the photos.

We spent a long time saving for this holiday and to lose our photos is more than a bit of a let down. I know it’s a long shot but I’ve seen Broadsheet find all sorts for people over the years. It’s a very distinctive looking Lumix camera, bright blue with detachable lens….


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15 thoughts on “A Very Long Shot

  1. DeSelby

    Sorry to hear that. This happened to a friend of mine last year. He watched Done Deal for the weeks following the flight. Sure enough his camera appeared. He contacted the guy, (he was a cleaner) saying that he was interested in buying the camera, and managed to get the camera back.

  2. B Bop

    Wishing you the best outcome on this-disgraceful an air crew member could not have just went to your seat 2 minutes after you disembarked to retrieve & return.
    Emirates & Aer Lingus are superb for retrieving forgotten items soon after.
    Had a handbag & 1 shoe knicked from delayed luggage at Charles de Gaulle recently!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Did this two weeks ago at The Who… new Xperia Z3 left on the seat. I walked out to the Luas before realising and then ran back… got my phone (Yay!)… sang the praises of the lovely guys that handed to me :)

    Wish you well in having yours returned !

  4. pissedasanewt

    I bought a nice new phone and went off on hols for 3 week.. flying back long hall with Air France it must have dropped out of my pocket, but I realised when we landed before leaving the plane. All the cabin crew helped me search (the amount of crap on the floor of a plane after a long hall flight) but it was gone.

    Obviously in the pocket of a passenger…

  5. meadowlark

    This happened to me years ago when I was about 14. It was only a library book I left on the plane but when I ran back and saw the plane was still there the staff were good enough to let me back on. I know it was only a book but to an avid reader it would have been a loss, also the book was not mine. I got lucky. I’m very sorry to hear about the loss. Hopefully you will get it back, along with ur holiday pics. Best of luck :)

  6. Sheila

    My brother works for cityjet i.e. Air France.

    He emailed all the crew on that flight, spoke to sky handling, then the engineers and the cleaners, but nothing on this camera as yet. He will ring around again tomorrow and the coming days. But he doesn’t hold out much hope.

    He said these things can either end up in someones pocket or in the rubbish – he located an iPad in the bin once for a friend but was an hour after the flight.

    It’s not looking good at the moment, I’m afraid.

        1. Sheila

          Ah I couldn’t not say anything to him about this Joe.

          I just hope it’s found. But it’s not looking good :(

      1. Ciaran

        Hi Sheila.
        Thanks for your effort on this, it really is appreciated. I’ve given up hope on finding the camera but at least you have restored some faith in people.
        If anything turns up be sure to reply or let us know!
        Thanks again

        1. Sheila

          NP Ciaran. Happy to help. Just hope it is found.

          I didn’t hear anything yesterday. I’ll see if he hears anything today

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