8 thoughts on “Seems Legit

  1. Joe835

    You often see NI taxis “visiting” the Republic but in fairness, as far as the law is concerned here, they’re illegally-masquerading as taxis once they cross the border.

    So unless they have a fare they’ve brought directly to Camden Street from Northern Ireland (I’m assuming under EU rules they’re allowed do that), they should have taken down the taxi sign once they’ve left NI.

      1. Conor

        Nah, looks like he’s questioning the driver. Undercover Garda Focus parked up behind.

        I reckon it’s a rich American tourist being brought down for the day. Along with a very, very happy taxi driver.

  2. jon

    i’ve seen gardai driving taxis. not in years though.

    i saw a couple of them, in full uniform, driving a taxi through temple bar late at night one weekend years ago. they got out of the car, went over to an elderly roma woman selling flowers outside fitzsimons nightclub, ripped them out of her hands, then got back in the car and drove off.

    a strange scene.

    1. Avon Barksdale

      Not sure how someone could possibly mistake a bunch of flowers for a breakfast roll. Then again: Garda.

  3. Fran Green

    Not unusual to see a NI taxi in the south, you’d see plenty at Dublin airport.

    Nothing to see here, move along Broadsheet.

    Unless the guard is booking him for parking on a bus stop.

  4. The Old Boy

    NI taxis are required to have an additional licence plate like this: bit.ly/1dHfdkd

    They are almost invariably on the rear bumper, so you ought to be able to see it in this photograph. That said, I can’t imagine GardaĆ­ enforcing Northern Irish taxi regulations.

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