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Part of an ongoing photo series by artist Jakub Geltner entitled ‘Nest’, wherein flocks and gaggles of surveillance cameras, satellite dishes and other tech (normally associated with harvesting data) are perched on schools, quay walls and derelict facades around his hometown of Prague for the delectation of passers by.



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6 thoughts on “Flocknology

  1. RobinBoy

    Wouldn’t it just be Czech artist? Since Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed since 1992?

    Not being picky just curious. :-\

    1. ahjayzis

      Whether he identifies as Czechoslovakian or I identify as a proud subject of the Lordship of Ireland, is NONE of your business, SIR.

      1. Tidy Dave

        True enough, but maybe the post had something to that effect and was removed, perhaps?

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