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A demonstration by Daniel Pelletier, of the frankly outrageous 166x ‘dynamic fine zoom’ range (4000mm focal length) of the Nikon P900.

We begin in a car park in Quebec. We end on the surface of the moon.


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Niamh writes:

About four or five weeks ago, my boyfriend and I visited Blarney Castle and Gardens in Co. Cork. The sun was splitting the stones, we had a lovely picnic and we had a great time. But afterwards, when we sat down to sup our obligatory pints at a nearby pub, I realised my camera was missing.

I love taking photos and consider myself an amateur photographer. I think I got some great snaps that day and it’s a shame I won’t be able to upload them onto every social media outlet available as proof of my prowess.

But more than that, there are photos on there with HUUUUGE sentimental value. I bought that camera last Christmas for a holiday that turned out to be one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and it has been with us since, recording my recovery from a horrific injury and every happy (or other) moment of our lives together since then.

I don’t care so much for the camera (it’s a black Nikon COOLPIX S7000 with a pink Electric Picnic strap attatched to it tied up in a black velvet sunglasses case), it’s the 32gb memory card that I hold close to my heart.

So if anyone…ANYONE can help me get those photos back by sharing this around, I’d be so grateful. Please, it’s just really important!


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Ten minutes of nerdly but useful DIY photo enhancement tips from Kai of DigitalRevTV including how to make a tripod sling, Vaseline soft focus, tights filters, camera stabilisation, using toilet roll inserts for reverse lens macro shots, custom bokeh from card cut-outs and creating a pinhole lens, eh, with a pin.


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Part of an ongoing photo series by artist Jakub Geltner entitled ‘Nest’, wherein flocks and gaggles of surveillance cameras, satellite dishes and other tech (normally associated with harvesting data) are perched on schools, quay walls and derelict facades around his hometown of Prague for the delectation of passers by.



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A lightweight waterproof quadrotor camera rig that follows and films you, starting automatically when you throw it into the air.

Shipping February 2016 and available to preorder for about €460.


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The Aposematic jacket, according to its creator Shinseungback Kimyonghun is a:

‘wearable camera for self-defense. The lenses on the jacket give off the warning signal, “I can record you”, to prevent possible attack. When the wearer pushes a button under threat, the jacket records the scene in 360 degrees and sends the images to the Web.’