15 thoughts on “Necrotechnopolis

      1. Well that's that

        There’s isn’t a day that goes by in TCD without a wine & cheese event somewhere on campus. We can all stand in a old mouldy room that way, feeling important and suitable toff-like.

  1. NoFaceGURRRL

    The state of that gear, ould shite tbh. More likely a care taker was tasked with chucking this stuff rather than an IT department.

      1. Parochial Central

        that was a quick burst in the pipeline alright. Wonder do they take cache for removal to recycling?

  2. Raphael

    Most look like off the shelves Dell or the like but the one in foreground (the one drinking) looks like nothing else. Maybe a PhD Super Computer Project… Time machine…

      1. munkifisht

        Plenty of lovely useful parts to anyone in there. PSUs a plenty, loads of fans, great steppper motors in the DVD drives, decent cabling. I’d put a price of about 20 quid on each of em. They’d have pulled out hte HDDs to destroyed em or swapped em out and most of the useable parts would be gone, might still have useful CPUs in em. Ye might be able to run them at low power with a stripped down version of Linux.

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