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Dr Maeve O’Rourke

Yesterday evening.

Dr Maeve O’Rourke, human rights lawyer and senior research and policy officer at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, posted a series of tweets about how Ireland is continuing to cover up for its collusion with the Catholic Church.

She tweeted: “The abuse is not ‘historic’, it is ongoing and we are all implicated.”

These were her tweets…

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Pic: Maeve O’Rourke


This morning.

Western Way, Broadstone, Dublin 7.

John Gallen writes:

I’ve been passing this building project daily for a couple of months now. Built lengthways (?) across a number of back gardens that back onto Western Way, the building has what appeares to be a tower on one end and a curved wall on the other... What could it be?

Well, this morning I spotted it’s crowning piece… a shiny Christian cross. What an odd place to build a church :) Anyone know who is moving in?

chicken-church chicken-head chickenchrch2 SAM_0176 SAM_0212 SAM_0252

The giant abandoned chicken shaped church of Gereja Ayam in Magelang, Central Java whose designer by Daniel Alamsjah  originally intended it to resemble a dove.

Local builders had other ideas.

The cost of construction forced Alamsjah to close the church (also used as a rehabilitation center, treating disabled children and drug addict)s fifteen years ago. Despite its currently dilapidated and graffiti’d state, it’s still in use as a place of worship.