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This morning.

Via Irish Times Letters:

Just a few weeks ago, the Court of Session in Scotland ruled that government closure of houses of worship was unconstitutional and a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In essence, the court held that, while coronavirus restrictions are necessary, they must be proportionate.

This may not be the product of a court gone rogue.

Indeed, courts around the globe have reached similar conclusions. In the US, the Supreme Court has tossed out restrictions on religious worship in several recent cases (see, for example, Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v Cuomo).

Closer to home, last November the French Conseil d’État overturned limits on religious worship, calling them disproportionate and a “manifestly illegal attack” on freedom of religion.

It is important to add that judicial scrutiny of Covid-related laws has been more frequent internationally and not simply limited to religious rights.

Indeed, the Conseil d’État in France has been particularly hawk-eyed when it comes to restrictions. For instance, it ruled just over a month ago that a total ban on senior citizens leaving their nursing homes was “disproportionate” because it would, among other reasons, “alter their physical and psychological state”.

The global cases cited above should be food for thought for courts here, and especially for Irish citizens, whose physical and psychological states may be similarly “altered”.

If we are to live under changeable restrictions for the foreseeable future, more exacting scrutiny by the judicial branch could be brought to them, ensuring they are above all proportionate.

Irish Times Letters

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Mullahoran parish in County Cavan

Free Sunday?


KN writes:

…any of your readers opposed to restrictions living within 5km of Mullahoran, County Cavan? The parish priest there [Fr PJ Hughes] has bravely promised to celebrate mass on Sunday despite a fine and further threats for holding a service earlier this month. I believe he is within his rights to say mass for his parishioners  and wish other priests would follow his lead. I think anyone who is opposed to lockdowns – whatever your denomination or none – should  go to his mass!

PRAY! Fight!

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This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Independent TD for Cork South West Michael Collins (above) along with a coalition of  TDs speaking to media outside Leinster House today, as they call on the Government to ensure that churches are reopened for worship by Easter.

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

Dr Maeve O’Rourke

Yesterday evening.

Dr Maeve O’Rourke, human rights lawyer and senior research and policy officer at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, posted a series of tweets about how Ireland is continuing to cover up for its collusion with the Catholic Church.

She tweeted: “The abuse is not ‘historic’, it is ongoing and we are all implicated.”

These were her tweets…

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Pic: Maeve O’Rourke


This morning.

Western Way, Broadstone, Dublin 7.

John Gallen writes:

I’ve been passing this building project daily for a couple of months now. Built lengthways (?) across a number of back gardens that back onto Western Way, the building has what appeares to be a tower on one end and a curved wall on the other... What could it be?

Well, this morning I spotted it’s crowning piece… a shiny Christian cross. What an odd place to build a church :) Anyone know who is moving in?