These Colours Don’t Bolt


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Supporters of Bolt Hostel on Bolton Street this morning

The Irish Housing Network is currently holding an emergency rally in support of the Bolt Hostel on Bolton Street as it expects Dublin City Council to serve it with an injunction today.

The hostel has been vacant for three years and activists say they wish to open it up to house homeless families.

More as we get it.

Bolt Hostel (Facebook)

Emergency rally in support of the Bolt Hostel occupation (Facebook)

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Meanwhile, On Bolton Street

Pics: Mick Caul



Paper cup delivery.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


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13 thoughts on “These Colours Don’t Bolt

  1. tonyc

    I have a right to “XXXXX”. Please fill in the blank with anything you like and become an “activist”

    1. Rob_G

      There is a housing crisis in Dublin, and it is good that people are looking at creative solutions to this problem, but I don’t think that living in a firetrap is the best plan…

        1. Tidy Dave

          That’s true. But sometimes doing sh*t is better than doing sh*t-all.

          Also, it’s not beyond belief that there are qualified people volunteering who can address the fire-hazard breaches.

          1. Rob_G

            Not if there is a fire and people can’t escape because the windows are boarded up.

            I would be surprised if they could find an engineer to sign off on the works required, I don’t think it is a trivial thing to fix.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Councils dragging their heels / are understaffed… bit of both, I’d say. And govt giving themselves pension rises and pay rises while cutting back millions in homeless prevention and assisstance.

      I think it is called for. I don’t like it being done, but govt and council alike need a shoe up the hole BIG TIME! And this is one delivery method of said shoe.

      1. Miko

        We went from €8m in homeless services in Dublin in 2001 to over €110m in 2013. We now spend much more than we spent in the boom. It would be useful to investigate this “homeless” industry… Which seems to be creating a problem. People need to share houses, move further out before we spend more on this sector. And perhaps take some of that money and put it into psychiatric services instead.

        1. Dubloony

          I pass by a homeless service most days. Am saddened by how young many of the service users are. People don’t just hit 18 with a serious addiction problems.

          There needs to needs to be help for families and young people with significant mental health and addication problems.

  2. Jake38

    I presume like most other laws in this country the laws of trespass will not be enforced here. We all have a right in this country to ________________ . (Fill in as needed).

  3. Kieran NYC

    The government are spending a small fortune upgrading old flats (can’t remember which block off-hand) to provide homelessness spaces.

    If they’re doing that, they’re hardly just ignoring this for the craic.

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