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Supporters of Bolt Hostel on Bolton Street this morning

The Irish Housing Network is currently holding an emergency rally in support of the Bolt Hostel on Bolton Street as it expects Dublin City Council to serve it with an injunction today.

The hostel has been vacant for three years and activists say they wish to open it up to house homeless families.

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Bolt Hostel (Facebook)

Emergency rally in support of the Bolt Hostel occupation (Facebook)

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Meanwhile, On Bolton Street

Pics: Mick Caul



Paper cup delivery.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)





Bolt Hostel at 38/39 Bolton Street, Dublin 1

Kitty Holland, in today’s Irish Times, reports:

“Housing activists in Dublin have “reclaimed” a former hostel that has been vacant for three years, saying they will soon open it up to house homeless families.”

“Formerly known as Bolton House, the building on Bolton Street is owned by Dublin City Council and was used to accommodate homeless people before being closed in 2011.”

In recent weeks however, organisations that have emerged in response to the housing crisis came together as the Irish Housing Network and identified the building as one they could quickly put back to use as emergency accommodation.”

“Among the nine groups involved are the North Dublin Bay Housing Crisis Committee, the Housing Action Network, Lending Hand and An Spréach, which means “Spark” in Irish.

Meanwhile, on its Facebook page, the people behind Bolt Hostel, write:

“Folks, we are looking for some donations for The Bolt Hostel. Items needed: Emulsion paint, preferably white or cream, gloss paint; rollers, paint brushes, masking tape, floor/dust sheets; sand paper; trays + rollers; grout for tiles; white spirit; ladder; mixing pots; lengths of timber, various sizes; nails; wood glue etc..”

“Kitchen utensils; cutlery; paper cups; bowls; toilet rolls; food; tea bags; sugar; milk; washing-up stuff, sponges; washing-up liquid; black bags; clothes; floor cleaner etc.”

“A dry and wet vacuum cleaner for the carpet; dust pan and brush; mop + bucket; bleach; bathroom cleaner etc.”

“Any items to make the place more homely; pictures; saor view box; side tables; lamps; cabinets; shelves; desk; chairs; rugs shower curtains; rugs etc.”

“Bed sheets; mattress covers; cushions/pillows; net curtains; mirrors;
Any help greatly appreciated.”

Activists reclaim vacant Dublin building to house homeless (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

Pics: Bolt Hostel (Facebook)