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The Tricolor will remain on government buildings with the Union Jack and St.Patrick cross added on the flagpole flying below the Tricolor. The Irish parliament will be retained for matters and affairs only happening within the state while addressing national affairs in Westminster along with other states: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Home rule would be given to the Republic while remaining in the Union, “A nation within a nation”.

Launch a referendum for the Republic of Ireland to rejoin the United Kingdom in 2020 (

(H/T: cairotango)

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39 thoughts on “Seems Reasonable

  1. Medium Sized C

    There is no representation for unionists in the south, so they are petitioning for a referendum to rejoin the Union.

    One of them should stand for election.
    Start a party like.

    1. ReproBertie

      The south? Do you mean Cork, Kerry, Waterford and the like? How’s their representation in the East and West?

  2. Nessy

    What does a guy in Waterbury, Connecticut got to do to get Irish parliamentary pensions eh..?

    1. Nessy

      “Neighborhoods in the Republic should be segregated by Gaelic-nationalists and Anglo-Monarchists just as neighborhoods in Northern Ireland are segregated by republican and loyalists. This will give Royalists in the south a comfortable place to live in the South.”

      Yeah pal, build those “peace walls” because they’re such a huge success…

  3. Spare

    I reckon RoI should love bomb (not actual bomb, made that mistake before) Cornwall and try and sign them up to the Republic, surely they’d bring some of that sweet sweet NHS with them, and maybe one Trident sub? We are jonesing it for a nuclear sub over here

    1. Odis

      Dept of Agriculture and Armageddon – we need more of that sort of thing. This is a great plan,

  4. bisted

    …only guessing…but I think the Brits might have an opinion on this…probably along the lines of – good riddance and could you take the other bit with you.

  5. scottser

    What about remaining independent but with an accountable government instead of a plutocracy? Otherwise its just paying to keep another bunch of booboos in a life of privelage.

  6. Mr. T.

    Fine Gael are probably behind it. They love the Royals.

    Most of the signatures on that are actually critical comments opposing the idea.

    1. Spammer

      I thought Fine Gael have progressed their loyalties and the policy now is German Lebensraum at any cost to Paddy.

    1. gigitygigity

      It’s not trolling by the looks of it, just an idiot with an agenda disguised as another agenda.

      the guy running the petition:

      His full agenda can be found here:

      Is there a need for the ROI to join the UK so that a minority of unionists will be heard in the ROI? We are a democratic, tolerant, secular country and if they want their voice to be heard, do so as any of the other political parties do, campaign and raise awareness.

      The petition is laughable.

      1. David j

        Went onto his twitter, saw lots of reposted pictures of young ladies, forgot what his original message was, followed him on twitter.

        1. gigitygigity

          A politician like Orin shouldn’t have time for big butts, but at least we know they don’t lie :-)

  7. The Old Boy

    Take a look at Orin Mhando’s Facebook page. It’s delightfully bonkers with just the right level of foam about the mouth.

  8. DCA

    Essentially, all this article has proven is that the purity level of Heroin in Waterbury Connecticut is excellent!

  9. Joe835

    I had this guy target and troll me on Twitter, he seems fairly committed to the whole idea until you see inconsistencies like “Elizabeth Windsor” which make me think he’s not even good at trolling….

    1. cluster

      Why exactly?

      A strong currency is fine when you go on holidays but good for little else.

  10. well

    I’m tempted to sign it just so it gets a bit further along before it falls flat on its face

  11. Bingo

    Does this mean I’ll have to move from the Southside to the Northside to be away from the royalists on this side of the river?

  12. John Cassidy

    Has it ever happened that a Republic gave it all up to become part of a monarchy? I doubt it. Hardly progressive.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      England was a republic for a brief period in the 17th Century, known as the Interregnum. The royal heir was in exile and Ollie Cromwell was strutting his stuff.

      Spain was also a republic from 1873to 1874 and again from 1931 to 1939.

  13. James

    How to build an Ireland that has something to offer and doesn’t completely alienate those who perhaps identify more with the orange third of our flag is a good question, but this is not the solution. A more complete and inclusive narrative of Ireland and Irish people would be a start.

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