The Hardest Drive



Like a Pro.

Eoin writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I stupidly left my 15″ MacBook Pro (as above) on top of my car and drove off from Pembroke Gardens, up Baggot Lane, left on to Eastmoreland Place, right on to Baggot Street and left up Waterloo Road heading for Rathmines.
It’s in a foam case, there was a folder and pad with it which have my business cards. Happened just over an hour ago, have contacted Irishtown Gardaí as well as businesses along Baggot St but no joy. Laptop is locked but “find my iPhone” app which is compatible with MacBooks only works when online. Thank you.


UPDATE: Eoin writes: A4 pad was just found on the corner of Leeson Street and Appian Way, no laptop though…

More as it reaches us.


UPDATE: Laptop found!
Eoin writes: : In an unbelievable turn of events, somebody found my laptop in Ranelagh (having travelled from Pembroke Gardens on the rooftop), dropped it in to the nearest shop, of which the owner then dropped it in to Donnybrook Garda station on his way home from work. Somehow, it’s still in perfect working order with a small dent on one corner. Counting my lucky stars and the generosity and kindness of my fellow Dubliners, and of course the stellar work from the Gardaí in Donnybrook! I will be making a donation to charity as I am one lucky huare.

23 thoughts on “The Hardest Drive

  1. Gers

    Oh now thats a funny one, you deserve it Eoin, nn apple as well? Hope you find it totally smashed!

  2. Raskolnikov

    Even if it fell off it should be safe, wasn’t it protected with a case made of…foam. Doh!
    Seriously though Hope you locate it safe and well!

  3. Nialler

    Eoin just keep find my iPhone open on your phone that way as soon as the mac goes online you can grab its location. Did you have a firmware password set on it? If so it’ll be a lot of work to boot it.


    1. mike

      Sorry for your trouble …

      but on the bright side, you should be getting selfies from a chap in Darndale in 3…2…1

  4. Calerz

    This has given me the encouragement to put everything on my computer onto Google Drive

  5. Tim Buck Three

    I once left my wallet on the roof of my car at a petrol station outside Sligo.
    I didn’t know if lost it until I saw it
    jammed into the back of the roof-bars when unpacking my car in Dublin.

  6. Parky Mark

    Would have been smashed if it was a PC. Only an Apple would have survived the fall off the car.

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