Going To Galway?



Free flat racing!?

Free dinner and wine?!?

Hold your horses.

Nicole writes:

McGettigan’s Bar which officially opened its doors last month in the heart of Galway, just off Eyre Square on Prospect Hill, will sponsor the ‘McGettigan’s Flat Race’ at the Galway Races on Monday July 27 at 8.20pm.

Live bands will play McGettigan’s till 11.30pm every night of the Galway races followed by a DJ. McGettigan’s will host a prosecco reception on Monday 27th at 8.30 pm for any woman* who has a valid race ticket.

For the week of the races McGettigan’s will serve a breakfast buffet -10am till 12pm (€9.95), Gourmet Carvery (5 options)- 12pm till 10pm (€11.95) and Late Night Bites -10pm- till 1am to help race-goers satisfy their appetite.

To celebrate we are giving ONE reader the chance to win a PAIR tickets to the Galway Races on Monday, July 27, PLUS dinner for two in McGettigan’s with a BOTTLE of Wine [red or white].

To enter simply complete this sentence:

My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved_________________________________

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm 5.45pm

McGettigan’s Galway (Facebook)


No cash, favours, etc. given for this post

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16 thoughts on “Going To Galway?

  1. scottser

    my most memorable galway races experiece involved the gamblers, the thimbles and the garters
    And the sporting Wheel of Fortune with the four and twenty quarters
    There was others without scruple pelting wattles at poor Maggy
    And her daddy well contented to be gawking at his daughter

    i laffed so hard i dropped me whack fol the do fol the diddley-idle-ay

  2. Smashmouth

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved a shetland pony, a bottle of Jack Daniels and an ill tempered steward

  3. Scooperman

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved entering a Galway Races competition on Broadsheet

  4. SLFCUltra

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved a free bar (for a week),a complimentary champagne shower, brown envelopes, developers and Fianna Fail members. Rawwwwrrrrrr!

  5. christy

    My most memorable galway races experience involved my whole family. I was 8 my brother was 7. We both picked a number for a horse which my mother backed. She gave me my brothers ticket and my brother mine. My brothers horse won. Woo hoo i had his ticket. This led to a massive fight but luckily my father and grandfather intervened. All was sorted with ice cream for both of us and a go on the carousel. Ah happy days.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved working a few weeks of the summer (of 1992/93 I think) in the Corrib Great Southern Hotel as a bar man and silver service waiter…. I got to see ‘Woman’s Heart’ play three nights in a row… which was not as bad as it sounds, in fairness… but best of all were the tips from jockeys and trainers at the hotel.

    I arrived home on the Thursday early afternoon having completed the morning shift and the first two races were already over. I checked my bit of paper with my tips and saw the first two tips were the first two winners. Myself and my three dole friends headed to the bookies and by evening we each had IR£70 to IR£80 each on a IR£5 punt.

    If I won, I cannot go… but I’d give the prize to my Mum and Dad :)
    We got cleaned up and painted the town red with our winnings… :)

  7. Jonny

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved “NOT getting the Shift on Ladies Day” …… Sigh !!

  8. realPolithicks

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.

  9. The Old Boy

    My most memorable Galway Races experience involved a chance meeting with an old acquaintance in a West London bar, strategy meetings in smoky back-rooms, a man disguised as a labourer with the Department of Posts and Telegraphs committing an act of sabotage, a portmanteau filled with neatly bundled fifty-pound notes, and several unsuspecting turf accountants.

  10. colum cusack

    My Most memorable Galway Races experience involved … delivering truck loads of brown envelopes to man in a tent who said he won loads on the races. Who would have believed it.

  11. Tom Williams

    My most memorable Galway races experience was my first ever race week at Mcgettigans!

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