Dublin Bus Hall Of Fame



They also swerve.

With FIVE free tickets for the Dublin Sightseeing Hop-on Hop-off Tour [Plus a pair for the South Coastal Tour and a pair for North Coastal Tour) on offer, we asked:

Who is your favourite Dublin Bus driver?

You answered in your dozens.

But there could only be five passengers

Spud1: “The best Dublin Bus driver I have ever known is the driver who wore a Santa outfit on the 130 each Christmas Eve. I’m sometime a bit down on Christmas eve, but when I see the Santa driver, it really gives me a great Christmas cheer! Shame health and safety and banned this from now on :(”

Declan: “The best Dublin Bus driver I have ever known is Tom Kavanagh (Conyngham Road Depot). Tom was known to ALL on his routes (78A & 79). You would always leave Toms bus happier then you were when you got on.
When his bus pulled up to the bus stop and you’d see Tom behind the wheel you knew you where in for a bit of craic He’d always be on the Bus PA telling people which stop was next, slagging people and i even remember him singing 1 morning
But the fondest memories would be when Tom would be on Community Duties bringing school groups, football teams or community groups on outings. He brought my football team down to Brittas Bay years ago and even managed grab a brand new City Swift single deck bus to bring us down. He said his bosses “didn’t know he had it so we were to keep it clean”
A truly Great Man and i was saddened to hear of his passing in 2012. Although a Waterford Man he was a Dublin Icon growing up in the 90’s. Here is a photo of Tom (He’s the one on the left).”

Diarmuid O’Gorman: “The best Dublin Bus driver I have ever known is my uncle Michael, who always drives with no shoes on. True story.”

Markler: “The best Dublin Bus driver I have ever known is the lovely tall chap with glasses that I see on the 16 route sometimes. He has any amount of time to help tourists coming from the airport and always has a beaming smile. Even when he has to swap driver he makes sure the next driver knows when to give each person a shout for their stop. He’s one of the first Irish people tourists might meet and is a ringing endorsement for Dublin.”

Jonjo: “The best Dublin bus driver i have ever known is a man called Tony, lets call him Tony H – I played football with him, smashing keeper in his day. Not sure what route he does now, but he used to drive these very buses – Dublin sight seeing tours – and gave all the shpeel etc over the microphone. Anyway, legend has it (well my mate, the other subject of this story, backed it up (not the bus, the story, wha wha) Tony was driving the bus full of foreign tourists through town when he spotted my mate Keith’s van. Upon pulling up beside the bus, he told all the passengers on board that Keith was a very famous retired Irish international footballer and told everyone on the bus to wave at him. Loves a laugh does Tony :)”

Whistleblower bonus:

Scottser: “The best bus driver i know used to take us to Malahide from the sands in Portmarnock on the 32 as a nixer- 50p each. we’d get a good hour’s extra underage binge drinking in, instead of waiting for the 32a. alas, it was a bullsh1t-fuelled, vomit-stained walk home though.”

Thanks all.

Five more passes to give away on Monday.

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11 thoughts on “Dublin Bus Hall Of Fame

  1. scottser

    typical, there’s just no justice for whistleblowers..

    fair play the winners. i’m off to annoy some motorists on my bike to compensate.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    These are brilliant… not growing up in Dublin and being an infrequent user I had no Dublin Bus stories… enjoyed all those though, yiz bunch o’ bus thankers ! :)

  3. Bad At Memes

    I take it as a given that you can’t vote for your brother, yeah?

    Well, I spent last Christmas in my brother’s, (He’s a Bus-Driver. Try to keep up.)
    Also attending was his work colleague, Roberto. (Bus-Driver too.)
    Me and him had great craic.

    He had a girlfriend with him, and she was from some mystical land, far away.
    So was he, but a different one.
    We had free transport, we could go ANYWHERE!!!
    -And we did.

    I had to get three buses to get home and I’ve never seen him since.
    My brother won’t answer the phone.

    1. Bad At Memes

      He’s still not answering.

      What was this thread about?

      Oh yeah…
      More Network Noel!
      More Network Noel!
      More Netwo…

      That wasn’t it.

    2. Bad At Memes

      I keep forgetting that some people don’t live in Dublin.
      We should be kind to them.

      When I said ‘We had free transport, we could go ANYWHERE!!!’ I was referring to the way a bus driver can show a pass to another bus driver and give him a wink and you’re away, hey – hey, hey!!!, and not to any conventional use of Dublin Bus. You need two bus drivers for a start. One bus.
      And you have to do what the bus driver who ISN’T driving tells you to do. (Sit down, Shut up, I Thought I Told You To Shut Up Already, sit down, etc.

      It’s great.

      But you lads wouldn’t get away with it, so don’t even try.

    3. George

      That was a great story. Post it again on Monday. You never know. You can’t win, unless you’re in.

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