The Caliph Of Light Calligraphy


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Intricate and masterful full body calligraphy by French artist Julien Breton, aka ‘Kaalam’ – carefully rehearsed movements which recreate the elegant lines of Arabic script against various urban backdrops.

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12 thoughts on “The Caliph Of Light Calligraphy

  1. peterandrefan44

    its not so ”elegant” when its scrawled on a black flag. know what i mean libtards?

    1. JohnM

      Indeed. There’s some insanely fabulous Arabic script (the proscription against human imagery probably helped shape a lot of it) Urdu isn’t quite up there, although apparently it’s possible to write Arabic using Urdu characters. A bit like writing English using the Czech character set. Anyway, enjoy your baiting.

      1. peterandrefan44

        blah blah….. urdu
        blah blah blah…. czech
        blah blah…. arabic
        ooh my god johnm you’re so learned

  2. Bad At Memes

    Chill out peterandrefan44

    Calligraphy is an easy skill to learn.
    The more you practise, the better you get.
    You should try it, introductory Calligraphy Sets are very cheap.
    -Impress someone when you send them a Birthday Card. Make them want to keep it.

    There’s only 26 letters to learn in our alphabet, and most strokes are repetitive.
    There’s only 10 numbers.
    -In a week you’ll be a murderer*

    *Sorry, I’m listening to Rap. I mean you’ll be quite good at it.

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