A Hailo For Your Smalls




The Irish-made Uber launderette service.

Evan Gray (above) writes:

Last month I launched a new app for laundry and dry cleaning in Dublin. It’s basically a set-up like Uber or Hailo for getting your clothes cleaned. No more rushing to the cleaners either as it runs ‘till late. You just download the app, select what you want cleaned and we come and collect it from you wherever you are….

I’m a Dublin native who’s always been tech obsessed. Love gadgets and anything that makes my life a bit easier. I was working in finance for 4 years and ironing shirts & getting to the dry cleaners was a bit of an inconvenience, either they were closed after work or I didn’t get up early enough on a Saturday morning. Decided I couldn’t be the only one and there had to be an easier way….;

Download the app on the App Store here


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19 thoughts on “A Hailo For Your Smalls

  1. Mani

    Wonderful. That will compliment that new Püber app where they’ll come to your house and wipe your hole for you.

      1. Mani

        German app and more niche. If you’re that way inclined they send a guy to your house and you can sh1t in his mouth.

  2. Jonotti

    “like uber for x” is beyond a tech cliché at this stage. I can’t believe an entrepreneur would still use that phrase. It usually shows them to be bereft of ideas.

  3. Skeptik

    Sounds like a genuinely useful app.

    Pity I don’t use an Apple.

    Will there be an Android version?

  4. Colin

    Very late to the game, washio has been on the funding rounds in the US for probably the past year.

  5. Rowsdower

    People just look at what’s happening in other countries and decided to copy them completely. Wonderful.

  6. Brian S

    Saw an app launch in London exactly like this. Was wondering when someone would have the idea over here. Handy as I hate the Sunday night ritual of ironing shirts and can’t afford more than 5 shirts due to rent and water bills.

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