16 thoughts on “One More Choon?

    1. PaddyM

      The geography of Ireland beyond Stoneybatter and Portobello is not a strong point of the Broadsheet demographic.

  1. D-E-V-O

    Probably the wrong place to ask but it struck me when I saw them on the bill; were that crowd Bleeding Heart Pigeons dropped from Virgin after all the hoo-ha a year or two ago?

      1. Mikeyfex

        Heard of 4 and that includes Donal Dineen. Familiar with but one, Iron Mountain. Happy for them though, talented lads not together very long.

        1. dhaughton99

          Yeah, I didn’t see Donal there. I never listened to music radio again after he lost his TodayFM gig. Shame

  2. Mr. T.

    So is there an Electric Picnic tent at Glasto? And does it have a really really tiny Body and Soul tent within it? And within that Body and Soul tent, is there a tiny man with a tiny bike with the handlebars turning the wrong way.

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