8 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. David j

    The only thing that I have learned from shopping in Harvey Norman is that they are usually the most expensive place for electronics. Shop around and if you see something you think is a good price, whip out your phone and check it in shops near by.
    3 examples I had were – buying a soundbar, an older model was dearer in HN than a newer model in Power city (it was basically the same model with an added HDMI port). A lens for a Nikon camera which was €100 cheaper in Currys. I bought a TV in HN and a few days later saw the exact one €80 cheaper in another place even after HN knocked off €60 saying that was the best possible price.

  2. John

    yeah Harvey Normal are usually considerably more expensive than other shops unless the item is at a significantly discounted sale price.

  3. The Old Boy

    One of Harvey Norman’s worst tricks is advertising products at extremely low prices and then mysteriously never having them in stock, while the salesman will cheerfully attempt to rip you off with a different, overpriced model.

    1. Barracuda

      I was surprised that there was no post about the giant minion, even if it did happen on a bank holiday.

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