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Mark Malone writes:

Purchased on February 14th for €150,000. Now on the market for €249,000. Flipped for 70% price hike in the middle of a housing crisis.

Via Daft.ie…

“This exceptional property has been totally renovated with a new heating system, replumbed, rewired, new kitchen, new bathroom suite, new windows and stylishly decorated throughout providing a turnkey prospect for potential purchasers.”

10 Nicholas Avenue, Smithfield, Dublin 7 (Daft.ie)

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Joe Collins writes:

We all know they tweak with fares but its worthwhile seeing it in action now and again. Aer Lingus prices to Paris for this coming Sunday, the day Ireland ‘might’ have played had they won. Before and after yesterday’s game. The 13:40 flight was €414.99 before KO and down to €167.99 after the Boys in Green’s adventure was ended.




Bonkers writes:

There was a Eurostat report out yesterday that showed Ireland is now the most expensive country in the EU to buy alcohol with costs here running at 175% of the EU average.

We are the second most expensive for tobacco (behind the UK) and third most expensive country in which to buy milk, cheese and eggs (all produced in vast quantities within our borders)

On alcohol we’ve recently seen former Minister for Health Leo Varadkar try to introduce a Minimum Alcohol Pricing bill which would undoubtedly make prices of alcohol rise to over double the EU average.

We’ve had politicians persistently tell us that ‘cheap alchohol’ in supermarkets is to blame for all sorts of societal problems. Instead of education our politicians use taxation.

Publicans have come out in favour of minimum unit pricing, on public health grounds, they say.

They even went so far as to lobby the Dept of Health and the Dept of Justice to get Minimum Unit Pricing introduced

I find it a bit strange then for publicans to be claiming that off-licence sales are ‘too cheap’ and need to be raised on public health grounds while at the very same time they were lobbying the Dept of Finance for “Maintaining the current hospitality VAT Rate; Increasing the VAT Threshold from €75,000 to €110,000; Reducing the Excise level on alcohol”.

So they want the government to increase the price of alcohol in supermarkets on health grounds but at the same time they want alcohol excise reduced to help decrease the price of alcohol in their own premises.

Does not compute, surely Irish publicans would never pull a stroke?



‘Tod Umptious’ warns:

So there I was all set to finally buy a new Macbook Pro (retina display etc) last night when I discovered the prices were crazy- not Apple’s usual crazy but plain weird crazy. After some detective work (ie two tabs open at the same time) I discovered that the US dollar price is far lower than the Irish euro price making a conversion even lower. In fact it looks almost like our honest to God Irish prices are in fact the dollar price- 1099 euro for an 11″ Air (above) when yesterday the price was 999. And across the pond it now reads as 999 dollars even though yer man on the stage said it was 1099 dollars.
Sorry if that makes no sense but thought I’d bring it up in case people even worse than me are on there now actually buying at those prices.