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This morning.

Banksy-esqe road sign graffiti outside Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting in Smithfield, Dublin.

Shimmy Marcus, Bow Street Academy creative director, writes:

We actually have a Banksy mural inside the school so these will be a welcome addition….

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9 thoughts on “Men At Work

  1. Clampers Outside!

    I saw a ‘swimmer’ one over the weekend… or maybe it was supposed to be someone drowning…. my weekend was that exciting.
    And I nearly took a pic of it, damn, if I had, I could send it in here and that would be an exciting reminder of my exciting weekend looking at a defaced sign that I passed that made me fleetingly excitable. Riveting stuff, isn’t it, defaced signs. Though I’m not sure exactly where I saw it, as I was too excited at the time. It’s nearly time for elevenses, I’m so excited.

    1. dereviled

      No Clampers! You can’t be cynical too!
      There are enough curmudgeons on here…

      (Have a Snickers ^_^)

    1. dereviled

      It’s delightful whimsy tastefully executed.
      I have to agree with Banksy- there are enough giant billboards defacing our cities that reinforce the notion that we are stupid and ugly and boring unless we buy their tat- they vandalise our civic spaces far more than the subtle additions above.

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