Twisting The Knife



The Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, austerity-era damn hipster haunt, decent dance venue and lovely home of Banter, confirms the sad news of its closure this weekend.


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53 thoughts on “Twisting The Knife

        1. Bejayziz

          can we stop promoting anything from that fool, links even if put up in a negative way are positive for his click through rates. Best thing is to ignore anything from his ridiculous click bate site

    1. mike

      A building that dim, dank and quite frankly at times stinking of piss from non-functioning toilets, but they had a good sound system, nice drinks, decent crowds and great acts. Well done and best of luck to those involved.

  1. Jonotti

    I’ve had some good nights in there in spite of the venue which was horrible when over 70% full. Everything else in the place was spot on though.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      tonic was good the odd time, I went when friends sometimes went, wouldnt be a plce I would go often I thought it was up its own arse at times. Tonic just stopped being popular I guess :(

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

      Aaaaaah….. I was wondering why the tent at beatyard was called Wigwam. Makes sense now. I remember they did the same down in Electric Picnic before The Pepper opened.

  2. MrGavoB

    I remember when it was Chapters music and book shop , and had a computer game shop down the back .
    In the pre-hipster days. When those type of people were called nerds and were socially shunned rather than embraced.

      1. MrGavoB

        No , Chapters moved from their original place on the site of the Twister Pepper to across the road on the Arnotts side and have since moved again .
        I used to work there back in the day . Unless I did far too much drugs but I’m certain it was there….almost.

          1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

            D, I accept your apology too.

            I come from the wrong side of the Luas tracks.
            I’m not to be messed with.*

            *I WORK on the Northside, but I live on the Southside. It’s the same thing, isn’t it? Whatever.

  3. Starina

    aw, man. maybe if they didn’t leave the lights up so bright every night and then charge in 15-20 quid they wouldn’t need to close. I loved that place but I didn’t go often because the door fee was so high…mates of mine who DO go often only do so cos they know bodytonic people who give them free tix or cheaplist. still, it’s a deadly venue and I’ve been to a great many brilliant gigs in the back room…i’ll never forget stapling a fiver to a guy’s shoulder at a freakshow there! or seeing White Collar Boy…or performing there myself…sigh.

    1. Ciaran

      it’s a tenner after 10pm most nights, free in before. prices for international DJs are the same as anywhere else.

  4. Martin

    not too surprising, most of the lads that started it are involved with other Bodytonic things like MVP, Back Page, the Bernard Shaw, Square Ball, Beatyard, Life festival etc. these days.
    with Opium, Hangar, District8 etc on the scene now booking big names, the TP lot probably aren’t too pushed trying to compete with them after 7 years running the place.
    i guess some of them have families etc. now too, so running a nightclub isn’t really as fun as it was in your 20s….

    1. D2dweller

      Nail on the head there. Can see Bodytonic going the good food/good drink direction than big name DJs. Sad to see the pepper go but it’s the right call
      Definitely not been the same the last year or two.

  5. edalicious

    I always feel that TP suffered somewhat because of its location. That stretch of Abbey St always seemed to be a bit dead at night.

  6. Sarah Murphy

    Left my favourite jacket in the place while overheating outside on YOKES. Too embarrassed to ever go back for it, considering how obviously loved up I was.

  7. Mobi

    I’d imagine this is a rebrand. Been in the press for all the wrong reasons over the last while.

    Broadsheet once again being used as a PR website.

    1. jonotti

      Yeah the more I read about it’s clear the place is going to continue. They will change things up a bit but ultimately it’s the same “space”.

        1. Jonotti

          The bodytonic guys have said themselves they will be running music nights out of it in future.

  8. b

    it was a place with a highly pretentious coffee shop. my tears are dripping onto my beard and into my IPA!

  9. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    I just got a call back.
    Apparently I was never in the place.

    I was thinking of somewhere else.

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