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Some of the 40 contenders – whittled down from 10,292 suggestions – for New Zealand’s new flag.

The list will be whittled down further to just four in September and then New Zealanders  will vote for their favourite in a November referendum.

See the full list of flags here


The Long List (New Zealand Government)

Forty flags, and only one with a Union Jack – so which one is best? (New Zealand Herald)

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35 thoughts on “Flag Change

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Lose the Jack but keep the Crux!
    One of the most exciting things about visiting the Southern Hemisphere is finally viewing the Southern Cross.

  2. Reppy

    Having followed this closely over the past few months it’s pretty plain to see John Key wants to leave behind a visual legacy and is deliberately forcing this issue on the people to cover up other matters that are highly suspect. It’s gone beyond a joke at this stage, and a complete smokescreen for all of the other major issues NZ faces currently like fracking, troops abroad, GCSB spying, seabed drilling… The list goes on

    1. classter

      Probably true but it is still a good thing imo.
      The current Kiwi flag is boring and almost the same as a few others wheras the silver fern on a blackground is fantastic & instantly recognisable too.

      1. Serv

        Yeh, as it constantly get’s mixed up with other countries, and half the irish population don’t even know the correct colours.

  3. Sam

    The back and green leafy one is fairly decent. I’d avoid having a wave on a flag if I lived in a country that had to watch out for tsunamis every time there’s an earthquake in Chile, Japan or any closer spot in the Pacific.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    81% of New Zealanders don’t want to change the flag according to Morning Ireland on Monday.
    This is apparently a “vanity” project of NZs PM and costing 20 million kiwi dollars.

    They’re going to hold a referendum on which flag to pick.
    And then AFTER THAT
    They’re going to hold a referendum on whether to change it or not – JAYSUS ! :)

    If this were in Ireland, we’d be calling that an Irish solution to an Irish problem (I hate that phrase BTW… it’s meaningless nonsense)

    1. classter

      Could they not hold them together on the same day?
      1) Do you want to change the flag?
      2) If so, which flag?

      Maybe Key is hoping that people will start to coalesce around one option & support for changing flag will increase.

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        No, they need to pick which one goes up against the current flag, like a really sh*** flag X Factor

  5. Mr. T.

    None of these can be easily reproduced correctly which is essential for a national flag.

    And they mostly look like variations on a couple of concepts and in fact, all look like they come from one source.

    Crowd sourcing is a bad idea.

    1. Medium Sized C

      I would have thought it would make sense that candidates for the flag of a country would be variations on a couple of concepts.

      I believe the names of the designers are available on the website, if not the NZ Herald article from a few days ago has them.

    2. brytothey

      I don’t think flags of any design are difficult to reproduce.

      What about the Welsh or Spanish flag? They have far more detail than any of these.

  6. human

    The Tri Colour is associated with “Bucktoothed simpletons with eyebrows on their cheeks… horses running through council estates… men in platform shoes being arrested for bombings.”

  7. Weedless

    Lots of those look like branding for American sports teams, especially the ones that use red white and blue, very reminiscent of the major league baseball logo.

  8. Miq

    I wish we could change the Ireland glad to green and white cross. And we’ll join Scandinavia.
    Recession over!

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