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Ah here.

Paul writes:

One of New Zealand’s largest news websites is busy publishing clickbait articles describing the Irish as ‘rugby’s new whingers’. Don’t read the comment sections if you are thin skinned (or indeed, a whinger) and Irish…


Johnstone: Control yourselves Ireland, you’ve replaced England as the new whingers of world rugby (Stuff.co.nz)

*Maori for ‘Fight!’


For the weekend that’s in it.

November 17, 2001.

The era of the baggy jersey was drawing to a close and Irish voters kicked the Nice Treaty into touch.

Gerry Thornely wrote:

A hard one to swallow for this Irish team to have given themselves and a throbbing Lansdowne Road a real sight of a famous victory.

The men in black foraged in twos or even clusters, and usually offloaded even before going to ground. You have to wonder if Irish fatigue was a factor in just not getting support ruckers to the breakdown. But Gatland like the players was not having any of it. “I don’t want to repeat myself here, but that’s again down to the intensity they play at week, week out.”

A helluva game, it really was.

Final Score: Ireland 29 New Zealand 40

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Congratulations to Joe Schmidt and the Ireland team for achieving an historic win over the All Blacks.

An equal non-congratulations to the IRFU, EirSport and whoever else was involved in not showing the match live on television to the vast majority of sporting fans.

The selfish manipulation of live television coverage is in stark contrast to the honesty and heroism of the players on the field.

John Gaffney,
Co Leitrim.


Victory over the All Blacks (Irish Times letters page)


New Zealand Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway

RTE reports:

New Zealand has passed legislation banning zero-hour contracts, in what is thought to be one of the first laws in the developed world to end the use of deals criticised as exploitative.

Opposition Labor MP Iain Lees-Galloway was joined by his political opponents in supporting the Employment Standards Legislation Bill to end the use of the deals under which employees are required to be available for work but have no guaranteed minimum hours.

To the best of my knowledge it’s the first of its type [in the developed world], certainly in terms of the US and UK,” Mr Lees-Galloway said.

“It’s possible Denmark doesn’t have them because these type of contracts are all about exploiting loopholes and I don’t think Denmark had the loopholes in the first place.”

There you go now.

New Zealand bans zero-hour contracts (RTE)

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The ‘If And When’ Employees


An emotional Stephen McBride asks:

So, apparently Ireland is one of only 2 countries (the other being Germany) that has an agreement whereby New Zealand will permanently seize the original driving license if a person applies for a NZ driving license. Would love to know why this agreement is in place, not that I miss the amateurish looking fragile piece of pink paper that got a laugh from most bouncers here when produced as ID.

Above: All that’s left (sob)


3.-Alofi-Kanter-Silver-Fern-Black-and-White 4.-Alofi-Kanter-Silver-Fern-Black-and-White 15.-Grant-Pascoe-Pikopiko 3192-image 20320-koruandstars1stvariant 29652-untitled-1-01 31044-greenblackwhiteclaysinclairflag 32074-koru-black Pax-Zwanniken-Raranga-FINAL.png Sven

Some of the 40 contenders – whittled down from 10,292 suggestions – for New Zealand’s new flag.

The list will be whittled down further to just four in September and then New Zealanders  will vote for their favourite in a November referendum.

See the full list of flags here


The Long List (New Zealand Government)

Forty flags, and only one with a Union Jack – so which one is best? (New Zealand Herald)

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Ah here.

TV3 New Zealand.

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Australia’s inability to achieve marriage equality is now an international embarrassment. While Ireland is gripped by euphoria after a resounding win for the “yes” campaign in Friday’s referendum on same-sex marriage, Australia must reflect on the failures of its political system and its leaders.

The referendum delivered a landslide 62 to 38 per cent majority for change, and is being hailed as a nationally unifying transformative moment for Ireland. It should not be forgotten that homosexuality was illegal in Ireland until 1993, divorce until 1996, and abortion is still banned, except where the mother’s life is in danger.

Opinion polls suggest public support for marriage equality is even higher in Australia than in Ireland, at more than 70 per cent, according to a Crosby Textor poll. Yet we remain incapable of a reform achieved by about 20 other democracies, including now the strongly Catholic nation of Ireland, a country deeply grafted into the DNA of Australia.

Australians deserve a say on gay marriage (TheAge)

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