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Crowne Plaza Hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand is now an isolation facility with fencing separating the building from the public.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand

Jordan Schachtel writes:

Military has been deployed to make sure people don’t leave their quarantine camps, which are mandatory for COVID-19 positive individuals and their families.

From what I understand, police are prohibiting the press from taking photos and videos of the current situation in the facility, citing privacy concerns. Still, it would be nice to know what the heck is going on there.

Found a couple testimonials from the mandatory quarantine facilities. Military checks in “constantly on our well being but also our adherence to the rules.”

The first person in the conversation had a sore throat and was sent to the quarantine camp as a precaution.

Of course, the families are left out of the decision making process, but don’t worry, the state knows what’s best for them!

A lot of the rebuttals from the Kiwis point out the fact that they are being quarantined at nice hotels, as if that justified the incarceration of citizens without any due process.

What starts as a nice, contained arrangement ends up a very different situation when the virus inevitably surges through the population. What happens when they start running out of rooms? White collar prison-style incarceration quickly goes south.

What happens when you run out of nice hotels to put COVID infected people in them? The not-so-nice makeshift “hotels” prop up in your local neighborhood which require a different policing structure to ensure compliance.

Unfortunately, this represents the mainstream viewpoint here. They have bought into the pseudoscientific delusion that they can fully eliminate the virus. So of course, forced incarceration is on the table. It will not end well when the bubble bursts….

Time to look at our quarantine hotel contingency plan (newsroom.co.nz)

Pic: Stuff.co.nz

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

This afternoon.

Via Mail Online:

For three months, New Zealanders enjoyed the return of usual freedoms after an autumn lockdown proved effective in eliminating the deadly virus.

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern scheduled an unexpected press conference for 9.15pm on Tuesday night and announced those freedoms would be put on hold.

Stay-at-home orders will be implemented throughout Auckland for 72 hours from midday on Wednesday after the four new cases were identified in the city.

More than 1.6million people won’t be allowed to leave their homes except for essential reasons.

The rest of the nation will enter a level two lockdown – mandating social distancing and placing caps on gathering sizes.

More sheep than people, they say.


Jacinda Ardern plunges New Zealand BACK into lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak with 1.6million Kiwis told they can’t leave home after nation recorded just FOUR new cases


Mark Geary writes:

New Zealand has a published threat system. They went to Level 3 today and will go to Level 4 on Wednesday.

Australia’s PM said Stage 2 hadn’t been discussed yet, when he was asked what Australia’s Stage 2 was.

Does Ireland have a system like NZ or a dud one like Australia?


Coronavirus: New Zealand has a threat system, here’s how it works and how it will affect you (Stuff)

The attacks in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand were carried out when the mosques were crowded during Friday prayers

Political leaders from across the world have expressed their condemnation at the deadly shooting at two mosques in New Zealand

Forty people were killed and at least 20 suffered serious injuries in “terrorist” shootings targeting the mosques during Friday prayers in the city of Christchurch, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Police say three men and a woman are in custody in connection with the attacks.

Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks (BBC)


Ah here.

Paul writes:

One of New Zealand’s largest news websites is busy publishing clickbait articles describing the Irish as ‘rugby’s new whingers’. Don’t read the comment sections if you are thin skinned (or indeed, a whinger) and Irish…


Johnstone: Control yourselves Ireland, you’ve replaced England as the new whingers of world rugby (Stuff.co.nz)

*Maori for ‘Fight!’


For the weekend that’s in it.

November 17, 2001.

The era of the baggy jersey was drawing to a close and Irish voters kicked the Nice Treaty into touch.

Gerry Thornely wrote:

A hard one to swallow for this Irish team to have given themselves and a throbbing Lansdowne Road a real sight of a famous victory.

The men in black foraged in twos or even clusters, and usually offloaded even before going to ground. You have to wonder if Irish fatigue was a factor in just not getting support ruckers to the breakdown. But Gatland like the players was not having any of it. “I don’t want to repeat myself here, but that’s again down to the intensity they play at week, week out.”

A helluva game, it really was.

Final Score: Ireland 29 New Zealand 40

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Congratulations to Joe Schmidt and the Ireland team for achieving an historic win over the All Blacks.

An equal non-congratulations to the IRFU, EirSport and whoever else was involved in not showing the match live on television to the vast majority of sporting fans.

The selfish manipulation of live television coverage is in stark contrast to the honesty and heroism of the players on the field.

John Gaffney,
Co Leitrim.


Victory over the All Blacks (Irish Times letters page)