‘The Picture Was Of A Man Unconnected To The Crime’



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From top: Yesterday’s Irish Sun front page and an apology in today’s Scottish Sun

Padraic writes:

Irish Sun published it too and no apology in their paper as far as I can see.

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19 thoughts on “‘The Picture Was Of A Man Unconnected To The Crime’

    1. Sam

      Really? I would be surprised, given that it’s unlikely that anyone who would recognise that dude would also not know he is not Pacteau.

      If the picture was used in relation to an unsolved murder, then yes, I would expect serious dosh to be handed over and a larger apology in print, but I doubt the masked party goer can claim any serious damage to his reputation, seeing as the actual murderer in this case is named and in custody.

      1. 15 cents

        he would still have a case.. for sure .. doesnt matter that people know hes not the mur-diddly-urderer, his image was still used on the cover of a national newspaper in connection with a very grisly and heinous crime. he could say it had all sorts of effects on him, that he has his breaking bad photos on facebook and they took thema nd used them without permission. and again, just being used as a visual reference for the murderer is bad enough to warrant compo.

        1. Sam

          Aye, he might get something if he claims, but 100k isn’t looking likely when the real culprit is named and in custody.

          1. 15 cents

            Jonotti isnt capable of understanding this it would seem. it doesnt matter that its not his name, you can’t use someones image, and it IS damaging if your image is used in connection with a disgusting crime. names etc. do not matter, his picture is there.. across the front fuppin page. and it IS damaging, he could defo say in court it damaged him, seeing his photo being used as the killers visual reference could certainly in a court of law be seen as damaging. eg. it might have psychological impact on him, or maybe his friends saw it and are rippin on him.. hes not a robot.. things like this can have effect of people. hes not just guna say “wasnt me. so im fine” and mechanically go about his day. if u dont get that ur a machine.

  1. Mr. T.

    So did the Sun mix the story of a French murder with that of the Irish woman?

    Did they do this for effect, the horrible gutter dwelling scum that they are?

  2. ceo

    I saw that yesterday and thought it didn’t look a bit like yer man. I’d say the Sun knew well it wasn’t him.

  3. Annie Hall

    This happened to someone where I’m from. A national paper published a picture of him as the suspect for the Ipswich murders. It was the man next to him on the photo was actually the suspect. Man wins huge damages then goes on bender. He and his friend actually drank themselves to death #TrueStory

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