It’s All Not Kicking Off



London-based ‘The Irish World’

The London County Board and its consultant engineers, Tobin Consulting UK Ltd, will this week be forced to put back work by at least a year while they look for contractors who can stick to its original budget [€4.17 million].

The new stadium, which has been many years in development, was supposed to open by May next year and to be a showpiece, county-level ground for the Irish community in London and in Britain.County London GAA.

It had been hoped that London would have its new stand and ground in time for next year’s 29 May Connacht Senior Football Championship clash with Mayo.

The London County Board has received a commitment of £1.3 million from Croke Park and £500,000 from Ireland’s Department of foreign Affairs and Trade and raised £500,000 itself.

London GAA’s Ruislip development postponed (The Irish World)

Anon writes:

This follows the fiasco of New Eltham [former ground sold to developers] and will be used by some within the [London GAA] Board as a stick to beat those who are trying to welcome a team from the Irish Guards….


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4 thoughts on “It’s All Not Kicking Off

  1. Wearnicehats

    A new natural pitch surface, new training area, covered seated stand, end terracing, meeting rooms, café/kitchen, dressing rooms and toilets, a gymnasium, new entrance, turnstile, parking facilities and other associated works to provide a facility to a county ground standard. In london, for £3 million. Seems optimistic. A few nervous quantity surveyors.

  2. Manta Rae

    There’s a missing ‘to’ in the first sentence of the World piece.

    Is that their error or broadsheet’s?

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