Pants Suit Noel



Judith Goldberger writes:

Perhaps Broadsheet readers can tell me how [Political commenter] Noel Whelan of the Irish TImes got to write this article (‘Why I Can’t Accept Hillary Clinton’s Invitation’) – and why. When you sign up for you are asked if you are a U.S. voter resident in the U.S. or an “American Abroad” (myself). So, what did Noel Whelan tell the Hillary folks he was? Has be clarified since? BTW, If you donate from outside the US, you’re required to verify your identity and status as an American Abroad. See above email sent to me….


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27 thoughts on “Pants Suit Noel

  1. steve white

    When you sign up for you are asked if you are a U.S. voter resident in the U.S. or an “American Abroad” (myself).

    no you are currently asked for your email and zip code, eveyone knows 90210

      1. ItWasChaosBilly

        Knowing this is lterally the only thing about this article that is not an utter waste of my time. Thank you.

    1. bisted

      …I think maybe the 200000 Palestinians that Hilary hopes will die in the next wave of zionist genocide care.

      1. All the good ones fly south for winter

        You’re the guy at the party who wipes dog sh|te on the living room carpet then leaves.

  2. sp

    From Noel’s article:

    “I finally felt I had to break the bad news to her. I sent Hillary a reply email last night telling her that even if I still wanted to I can’t actually donate because I am resident outside the US and am not a US citizen.”

  3. Dubloony

    Politician who complies with legal requirements on financial donations.
    That its even a story here says more about us than Hilary.

    1. Paul Wally

      She wants to be in compliance.

      The infinitely wise US supreme court ruled that “that foreign citizens do not have a constitutional right to participate in, and thus may be excluded from, activities of democratic self-government,”. …..(Fair enough I suppose).

      ….while also ruling that special interests within the US can give unlimited amounts of cash to politicians.

        1. jungleman

          They’re all ridiculous people though with no real chance of election. I’m concerned about the impact Clinton would have on the world if she got into power, which is highly likely.

  4. Mike

    He’s a slippery little fecker is Noel whelan. Cheerleader for the worst excesses of the FF led credit and consumerism orgy and pseudo-contrite hand wringing babbler once the sh1t hit the fan. Testament to the inability of Irish public to get their sh1t together and the state of our media that this complete chancer has lasted as long in his little cocoon.

  5. topsy

    He could tell her that he is a failed politician and FF hack, and gets lots of free air time on RTE pretending to be an impartial political.

  6. Parochial Central

    Noel Whelan – a Fianna Failer writes article because politician asked him for money. I must be missing something. Perhaps he expected self addressed brown envelopes to be provided.

    Isn’t Whelan’s wife head of Twitter EMEA compliance? Perhaps they might want to talk more often about such matters.

  7. Truth in the News

    Is Noel Whelan a member of the Irish Bar, did he attempt to make a contribution
    when clearly under american legal code you must be a Citizen, Whelan is not
    amd is precluded, if he is a barrister, does he do this type of thing often.

    1. sp

      But so what? Even if he did donate, so what? He’s here in Ireland writing an (I think it’s meant to be) humourous article about a presidential race in a different jurisdiction. US donation laws don’t apply to him, they apply to the campaign over there.

  8. mulder

    Yipe, great, Hilary can run Ireland as well when she gets elected, in her spare time, since no fecker in charge of this country anyway.

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