When You Pay Nothing At All


CRM Project Manager
Location: Lucan, Co Dublin 
Internship Period: September – December 2015
Organisation: Marie Keating Foundation
Responsible to: CEO, Marie Keating Foundation

The Marie Keating Foundation is seeking a CRM Project Manager as an intern to join their busy team based in Lucan,

Main tasks and responsibilities:
Drafting a project plan for implementation of new CRM system
Reviewing & updating MKF requirements of CRM system (Communications; Fundraising; Financial ; Data Protection etc.)
Helping to draft/finalise functional specification for new CRM system Liaison with internal management team
Liaison with external IT company & CRM system providers in relation to CRM project
Managing project implementation
Managing CRM project budget and updating CEO on a monthly basis
Carrying out other tasks that may arise.

Third level qualification preferably in Project Management /Business / IT discipline
Strong project management and general business proficiency
Excellent computer skills; proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Experience with Microsoft Dynamics or other CRM system would be preferential
Experience of working in data related projects
Must have good attention to detail
Must demonstrate creativity and innovation
Must be have a ‘can-do’ attitude with a willingness to learn
Able to work independently and as part of a small team

Kingbot writes:

Just got this offer of a senior managerial JobBridge position(above) emailed to me…read it and weep. How is this still even legal ?!!

Marie Keating Foundation

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38 thoughts on “When You Pay Nothing At All

    1. bisted

      …no…Project Managers are expected to work..to take responsibility for delivering outcomes in line with expectations…

      1. Medium Sized C

        I report directly to my CEO.
        I am currently doing Project management.
        I am not in a senior management role.

        Are you very familiar with the organisational structure of the Marie Keating foundation?

  1. Cean

    “Managing CRM project budget and updating CEO on a monthly basis”

    Managing the budget as an intern. Yeah this seems crazy.

  2. Starina

    Starting salary for a CRM exec is 40k – a project manager would get even more than that. In fact if they’re reporting straight to the CEO they should be getting above 100k.

    I’d say this is maternity cover, and they’re trying to save about 20k. Cheapskates. They’re shooting themselves in the foot having an “intern” set up a new CRM system…why does nobody appreciate email marketing?!

      1. scottser

        does a project manager have the authority to make a position vacant, interview, then appoint themselves to that position?

    1. Joe

      40k for a junior pm and 65k for senior pm is the standard rates. think some folk are mixing up project manager with standard manager, it’s a different job entirely.

    1. sendog

      You do realise you are in Ireland where the head honchos in Charities command 6 figure salaries.
      And are nearly to a man politically connected!

      1. The People's Hero

        You’ll be delighted to learn that CEOs in the non-profit/charities sector in other developed countries generally earn more than those here in little ol’ Ireland….

  3. jungleman

    One particular professional regulatory body seemed to cease advertising jobbridge positions on their website a few months back. Makes you wonder why.

  4. _d_a_n_

    Handling the implementation of a CRM system isn’t simple work. This will be a complete disaster. The money they save by going this route will have to be thrown at the IT company, or some other IT consultant to rectify the mistakes made and requirements missed or not fleshed out. If the person has no experience in handling QA alone, they will be fupped.

    It’s the one bloody thing that companies should invest properly in, shortcuts here cost dearly in the long run.

    1. Tidy Dave

      Totally. It’s hard enough to imagine having an intern shadow someone doing this work, let alone put them in charge of it. And putting the ntern in charge of the requirements specification? WHAT?!

    2. H

      In fairness that will probably happen if they pay top dollar, nobody ever gets their CRM right first time

  5. phil

    Say for instance , the wife was outta work, and is being put under pressure to join an unsuitable jobbridge scheme, would there be any advantage in me setting up a company and advertising for a JobBridge job which the wife would accept?

    1. Stewart Curry

      Not really, because first you’d need to employ enough full-time staff to qualify for a JobBridge placement.

    1. _d_a_n_

      Then why are they investing in a CRM system? Actually, they are hiring an external IT company to build one, which isn’t cheap.

  6. benny

    They’re advertising for a position where no-one qualified / experienced enough to do the role would need to take it. This will turn out well.

    1. DeSelby

      Too true… worked for a charity for years. The mere existence of this organisation (and the numerous similar ones), merely points to how the state abdicated all accountability to it’s responsibilities.

    2. Kieran NYC

      Also points to a culture whereby everyone sets up their own individual charity for whatever reason instead of consolidating with the many, many existing charities in the same field.

      Why are there thousands of cancer charities instead of just a handful targeting different areas?

  7. Clampers Outside!

    The sooner the charity regulator has been put in place with proper powers the better. Not just for this kinda thing, but for ALL charities. Too many dodgy ones about as anyone who has been watching the sector will clearly know…. Rehab, etc….

  8. Supercrazyprices

    Capitalist state with record of poor social policies means the work the state should be doing is done by charities run they their mates.

    It’s a Win Win for Jonathan Barrister and his Charidee CEO wife who lunches with her other Charidee CEO friends in the Four Seasons.

    Slick looking charities raise suspicions in my mind.

  9. Ultravox

    Ladies who munch too much in the 4 Seasons are unlikely to be concerned. All I can say is that must be one poo CRM system.

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