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In an unfair world.

Paul writes;

About a month ago you ran an article about Vodafone awarding pay rises and paid maternity leave apparently to all staff, however as you pointed out Vodafone decided at the time not to award the same terms to their retail staff.

Just to follow up on it, I noticed yesterday on the CWU Facebook page, that following a campaign [by the Communications Workers’ Union], Vodafone have actually agreed that the retail employees will now get the same terms as their colleagues in their head office.

Pay Rise & Maternity Leave in Vodafone Retail: Member power wins the day! (Communications Workers’ Union)

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8 thoughts on “Call Answering

  1. classter

    Fair play.

    I’m guessing, however, that Paul is associated with the CWU? If so, just say it, don’t be pretending you ‘noticed it on the CWU Facebook page’. If not, don;t mind me, I’ll go sit in the naughty corner for a while.

      1. classter

        If I commented upon a story in which I was directly involved or in which an organisation I was a part of, then yes I would ‘out’ myself.

        Like if I posted that I was just surfing the internet & I came across Classter Industries. They seem to be doing great work, so innovative. That would make a hypocrite,

  2. Cian

    Most Vodafone shops are franchises though – are they requiring the franchisers to do this or is it a mostly empty gesture?

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