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On Thursday.

Ireland will play Russia at the Kobe Misaki Stadium in Kobe City, Japan, in the Rugby World Cup with kick-off taking place at 11.15am Irish time.

Further to this…

CEO of Vodafone Anne O’Leary tweetz:

On Thursday [Ireland’s rugby team] take on Russia during office hours. Vodafone employees are getting 2 hours off to watch it. Canterbury of New Zealand, Aer Lingus & Diageo Ireland, I challenge you to do the same and nominate 3 other businesses. Here’s a note from Joe [above] to help!

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Ireland V Russia


Grab its ring!

Amy Fitzgibbon, of the Irish farmers Journal,  writes:

The Health and Safety Authority has criticised Vodafone Ireland’s ad campaign, which shows a couple entering a field with a bull, saying the way the couple avoid an attack is actually a way to provoke bulls.

Readers of the irish Farmers Journal criticised the ad……One man asked why the Vodafone ad was encouraging people to enter a field with the bull, with another reader agreeing with him, saying it was a “disgraceful” advert.

“I suffered but survived a serious bull attack seven years ago and still have health problems. That ad should be scrapped,” she wrote.

Any excuse.

HSA and Irish Farmers Journal readers denounce Vodafone bull ad (Irish Farmers Journal)

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In an unfair world.

Paul writes;

About a month ago you ran an article about Vodafone awarding pay rises and paid maternity leave apparently to all staff, however as you pointed out Vodafone decided at the time not to award the same terms to their retail staff.

Just to follow up on it, I noticed yesterday on the CWU Facebook page, that following a campaign [by the Communications Workers’ Union], Vodafone have actually agreed that the retail employees will now get the same terms as their colleagues in their head office.

Pay Rise & Maternity Leave in Vodafone Retail: Member power wins the day! (Communications Workers’ Union)

Previously: Maternity Hang-Up

Pic: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie


A Vodafone staff member writes:

In March of this year Vodafone announced that it would offer Vodafone employees 16 weeks paid leave and reduced working hours, 30 hours a week for six months with full pay once they returned after maternity leave. A lot of mothers in Ireland commended Vodafone on their new maternity policy

Little do people know that the retail staff – the faces of the company, who many customers come face to face with –  do not receive the same benefits of having paid maternity.

We the staff,  many whom love working for Vodafone,  have little or none of the same entitlements that staff at head office receive.

I would love the general public to see this and express there feelings on the matter as it seems the publicity Vodafone Ireland received in march and April from the general public was amazing…



Vodafone made a previously unreported multimillion-pound settlement with HM Revenue & Customs in the wake of a dispute over the tax paid by an Irish subsidiary created to collect royalty payments for using its brand.

The UK-based mobile phone group used an Irish subsidiary, which employed no staff between 2002 and 2007, to collect hundreds of millions of pounds a year in royalty payments from operating companies and joint ventures around the world. By 2007, Vodafone Ireland Marketing Ltd, a company registered to an industrial estate in the Dublin suburb of Leopardstown, was reporting a turnover of €380m (£320m) a year.


Vodafone in multimillion tax deal over Irish office (Juliette Garside, Guardian)

How much effort?

Personally, like?

Aaron McAllorum writes:

Personal experience with this shower is best described as frustrating. “Customer satisfaction” survey questioning suggests onus is on customer to solve their own problems before burdening customer support…if they can get through the maze of automatic/template answers.