Flavin It Away



Broadsheet nickbait (Part1 ).

Popular ‘sheet cartoonist/satirist Mick Flavin, writes:

I’m painfully aware you don’t normally do this, but my bike was stolen from Thorncastle St, Ringsend, Dublin 4 on Saturday afternoon last. It wasn’t massively expensive, nor did it have any sentimental value, but it was new enough, so it’d be great to get it back.

The Gardaí came fairly quickly when I called them. As I was giving them the details a man came forward who said he saw it being stolen at around 3pm but he didn’t want to get involved. He said that the lad who took it was around 40, bald and looked like a drug addict. He used bolt crops to remove the two locks.

I know I don’t have much hope of seeing it again, but I said I’d chance my arm sending it in here. It hasn’t turned up on DoneDeal or any of those sites yet. It’s a black DHS Contura hybrid (as above).


34 thoughts on “Flavin It Away

  1. Mani

    ‘He said that the lad who took it was around 40, bald and looked like a drug addict.’
    Looks like someone needs to be arrested for being a judgey-pants.

    1. Raskolnikov

      Hardly. You show me a bike thief who’s not addicted to drugs and I’ll show you a lying, drug-addicted bike thief.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Hope you get it back Flavo.
    Then again, more sitting on public transport – more sketching time for you.
    We all win.

  3. Sam

    Looks like a fine machine.
    You never know, you might see it again.
    Someone stole my bike 2 years ago, and I never thought I’d get it back.
    About a month ago, I spotted it locked on the street with masking tape on it.
    Thankfully I was able to prove it was mine (and I’d stuck a few more locks on it, and staked it out while waiting for the cops with boltcutters).

  4. Conor

    Description, along with location, sounds identical to the lad who stole my bike.
    Lives in the houses with his mammy nearby, he steals the bikes, leaves them outside his house overnight.
    If it’s still there the next day, he sells it on.

    Very well known to Ringsend Gardai, they got my bike back before the next morning.

    1. dhaughton99

      A bald 40 year old living with his mammy and steals bikes sounds like a real winner in life.

    2. Just sayin'

      I had my bike stolen about 8 years ago in the neighbourhood from a “secure” underground car park. A local told me he knew who robbed it but couldn’t say. The bike was about 3 months old.

  5. SusanTheSilent

    I’m so sorry to hear your bike was stolen from Thorncastle Street. I wouldn’t think twice about locking mine there. A poster to Ringsend Library, Tesco, Spar etc. might help. The shops behind the library too. There are businesses really trying to make a go of it in Ringsend, this is the exact opposite. May his blisters have blisters, the sod!

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