24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Phibsborough

      1. Inopro

        why is Irish social media so xenophoibic and/or classist these days? comment section on policeat social welfare interviews is disgusting.apparently we’re ever quick to assume all are on the dole, we forgive the elite and politicians who screwed us but we deliberately undermine the efforts by the unemployed to sustain themselves? Ireland will see a legitimate Irl IP party soon no doubt

  1. Eoin

    Why does it feel odd to praise Bohs for anything? They’re by far the most socially progressive and community-minded football club in the country. They came out strongly in favour of marriage equality and they host an Africa Cup of Nations party each year for the African community around Phibsboro.

    And they have a poet-in-residence!

    1. scottser

      i did a spot of teaching in finglas there a good while ago. the kids there used to have a half day training with the reserves once a week and some of the players would be into the school on a regular basis giving talks on health and fitness to the rest of the pupils. their outreach focus is really great and of course, if they spot a kid with a bit of talent they get first dibs.

    2. Eoin

      Fair points all. Wasn’t trying to have a go at other clubs and shouldn’t have worded it that way.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      Shamrock Rovers gave us a full team kit and boots to give to a school of homeless, abandoned kids and ex-child soldiers on a visit to Uganda, so there *sticks tongue out*

      They all do great work in the community at some point, it’s not a game of out doing on the do-gooder league :)

  2. Unreconstructed

    By refugees, are they referring to those unfortunates who’ve been forced, through a crushing change in their life circumstances, to seek a life on the North side of the Liffey?

  3. Bobby

    All these lovely clubs doing nice things…..it’d nearly make you want to get off your backside and go watch them sometime…

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