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Philomena Lynott, mother of the late Phil Lynott, with Balla Bán Art Gallery owner, Frank O’Dea next to Phil’s statue outside Bruxelle’s on Harry Street, Dublin 2 and a portrait of Phil dressed as Charlie Chaplin

Phil Lynott’s mum Philomena receiving a portrait of her son dressed as Charlie Chaplin by Dublin caricature artist, Ray Sherlock ahead of this weekend’s Chaplin Film Festival in Waterville, Co. Kerry.

On Sunday there will be a Guinness World Record attempt to have the largest gathering of people dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

Also on Sunday, A Birthday Party For Phil will take place at the Bloody Stream Pub in Howth,  Co Dublin from 3pm.

Charlie Chaplin found ‘no room at the inn’ in Waterville (John Daly, Irish Examiner)

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5 thoughts on “Tramps Like Us

  1. Parochial Central

    Phil’s statue outside Bruxelle’s on Harry Street, Dublin 2 is the biggest crock of sh!te ever. It should be removed an replaced with something that captures the energy and power of the man in action.

    Phil practically invented the rock pose with that bass guitar and he was as much a rock star off the stage as on. And what do we honour him with? An appalling piece of lame work that makes him look like a 65 year old fumbling for change for a parking meter in St Stephen’s Green in 1978. Complete and utter junk.

  2. Digs

    Phil and Phyllis Lynott, the constant flogging of both an old and a very dead horse. Why is there even a statue? More to the point, why us there not a statue of David Gooding? Now there’s a man that is disgracefully overlooked.

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