When Shish Goes Down



Istanbul , Turkey

Water bottle fridge spillage misunderstanding leads to multi thwack mayhem captured on cctv and screened on Turkish telly.

Featuring ferocious, Ali-shuffling ‘Irlanda turist’.


Via Ishaan Tharoor

Thanks Robert

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38 thoughts on “When Shish Goes Down

  1. Hector Ramirez

    Reminds me of that other misunderstood chap, I think his name was Rambo…
    I mean, all Mr Rambo wanted was a Burger.

    1. jonotti

      The guy was a customer in a shop and the was not to blame for the stupid fridge. Turks are animals. Shopkeeper attacks him instantly with a stick and 20 of them see no bother joining in and they came off second best.
      Embarrassed for Turkey.

      1. LiamZero

        It’s almost like you were there, you are in possession of so many of the undisputed facts… It must be tiring knowing everything all the time.

          1. LiamZero

            If you are willing to come to a concrete conclusion on the basis of that video (no sound, no continuity, no lead-in, no context… I could go on and on), then I’m afraid your critical faculties are not what one would call mature or refined. But then I guess you know that, troll.

          2. New Person A

            All you BSers get this ex jock ex banotti
            every single issue got his knickers in a knotty
            Is he 1 year old or 2? I’d say he’s barely off his potty
            Or else a rotten dirty mother fuppin ahole snotty

      2. 15 cents

        i knew Jonotti was a gobsheen.. but a full on racist? things starting to add up. also.. i can’t say the real version of fupp here, but he’s allowed call an antire country of people animals? .. ‘sake

      1. Domestos

        Nice tekkers, keeps his cool and is made of iron. I like his “dafuq did I do?” look when the bottles fell out.

    1. Owen C

      Joe Duffy is a more appropriate venue for this.

      “So Dave, how did it make you feel when the Turkamen started hitting you?”

      “It made me very angry Joe, it brought up a lot of bad memories from my time in the ring. A dark place i hoped i’d never have to return to. All I wanted was some water.”

      “So you’re saying you think Irish Water were somehow involved? That’s interesting, ok, ok. Ok, we have an alternative view on this from a man in Clontarf. Hello, Mehmed, talk to Joe…”

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