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Enemies – Play Fire

Jenny writes:

Happy hump day! Here’s a new music video by IKilcoole, Co Wicklow-based Enemies [Lewis Jackson, Mark O’Brien, Eoin Whitfield and Micheál Quinn]. It was filmed in a quarry in Cavan by the one and only Finn Keenan. Enjoy (or don’t – I’m not the boss of you)

Enemies (Facebook)

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13 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Mikeyfex

    Caught the end of the video there, it looked good. Unfortunately the song wouldn’t make me, personally, stick it on again.

    Here’s another Wicklow-based act whom I heard for the first time the other night on my mate’s new show ‘Groover’s Corner’ on RTE 2XM, which is also worth checking out (mine’s a guinness, Pete)

  2. RobinBoy

    Enemies are a good little outfit. Very interesting elements. heard their EP a few years ago and quite liked it.

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