6 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. MepMep

    Even after a day of social media and regular media saturation, that boy’s image is still haunting to me.

  2. martco

    that tagline in the Examiner says it all for me…”Brussels to discuss the matter in two weeks time”

    Frances Fitzgerald was on Morning Ireland earlier fupping about when being asked about potentially what numbers would the Government agree to take in….preambling and shiteing on about how generous they’ve been up to now….eventually leaked something that sounded like 1800. Eighteen Hundred? “but but that’s not an upper limit” or some other horsesht…you can be sure that this will be FG’s position (I don’t even bother mentioning Lab as they are dead to me now)

    I personally could and would be in a position to take a family of 4 into my household and support them and help them for as long as it takes to get up and running and integrated into the community I live in. I will do this by shifting some things about in my house to make another bedroom and Christmas won’t be as stuff-laden as usual. etcetera. SO if I can take 4 into an average joe household and I’m willing to give a little effort my Government can only manage 1800? you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out…..although I reckon you’ll find them along with doctors, nurses, teachers, plumbers, electronic engineers down there in Hungary….

    Dear Oireachtas, mobilise a crisis cabinet and fix this now and do some good for once or be the dithering incompetents as you’ve shown to be on issues closer to home. start earning your salary. WE don’t have to do what everyone else does, charter some ferries get them down there and get those people out of there (Irish Ferries Ulysses will carry nominal 2000 alone)

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