Ethnic Conflict Cleansing



A new Central Bank €10 coin issue, part of the ‘Europa Star’ series marking “70 years of peace in Europe”.

Conor McCabe writes:

Incredible Central Bank of Ireland writes the Yugoslav wars out of history….

Pic via Central Bank of Ireland

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28 thoughts on “Ethnic Conflict Cleansing

  1. PhilJo

    I think they mean it as an accolade to the EEC/EC/EU in that we haven’t had formal international warfare between member nations of the coal and steel pact for a while now…

    1. Anomanomanom

      But for the extra €45 you get to feel like you’ve been bent over and had the coin shoved up your bottom passage.

  2. Rois

    They’re possibly marking peace between the countries of the European Union as opposed to Europe as a continent.

    Seems like a random anniversary to mark either way.

      1. Mikeyfex

        You can comment without antagonising too, you know that ya? I agree though, MarriedtotheSea is funny, C&H is very hit & miss.

        1. Jonotti

          I genuinely think that makes me a better person than you. Some people just don’t get it.

          The Irish guy behind C&H is a complete stain. Hes always going reddit AMAs talking about how he showed the bullies in school by putting lame cartoons online.

          1. scottser

            you genuinely think you’re a ‘better person’ than someone else on the basis of which comics they like? makes sense, given you have actually nothing of substance to back up your claims of superiority.

  3. Sido

    Really, the recent crushing and subordination of Greece by the Germans, was peaceful? Yeah guess so.
    Nowadays we use Banks not Tanks – Stavros,
    I won’t be celebrating this momentous event personally.

    1. Paolo

      You need to gain some perspective mate. The second world war resulted in the deaths of millions upon millions of people. Nobody is pretending that the EU is perfect but the fact that Europe has seen the longest period of peace under the treaty of Rome is certainly worthy of celebration.

      1. Sido

        What proof do you have that the Treaty of Rome has been responsible for this peace?
        It’s mere existence as an entity?
        Suddenly, a coal and steel free trade area burst onto the troubled warlike continent of Europe, and all was peace, light and culture? Hmmmm, righto.

        One might just as easily say that a surplus of nuclear weapons (nuclear deterrence), has prevented WWIII. In fact some do.

    2. Jonotti

      Wow so deep. Did you enjoy that Banksy image with the EU flag made out of drowned migrants. Very powerful if you have the mental age of a 16 year old.

    3. Rob_G

      Really, the recent crushing and subordination of Greece by the Germans, was peaceful?

      – yes. But you already knew that.

  4. Paolo

    The EU cannot prevent wars outside of its members. The point of the Treaty of Rome was to stop countries that had been at war for centuries starting any new wars. The Balkan countries were not signatories.

    It is nearly incredible that the OP is not aware of this.

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