‘Go Home To Your Country, You’re Rats’


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A Syria-born man (above), who does not wish to be identified, has been living in Ireland for 13 years and was recently reunited with his wife and son when they moved here under a Government reunification scheme.

The man has a business in Cork and is now an Irish citizen.

He spoke with journalist Brian O’Connell on RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke yesterday.

He said since his wife arrived, she has been subjected to harassment and abuse and that she hasn’t left her house in several weeks.

“My wife, she says, “if I’m dying in Syria better than being like this situation by racism”. It’s very, very hard for her. She miscarried last week from this. They knock on the door every time, they frighten her, they shout at her when I am not at home, they shout in [through] the door, they throw rocks.”

“Last week, she miscarried from this situation, she was pregnant, you know. She was only five weeks’ pregnant…[After living in Ireland for 13 years] I have had too many [such experiences] but now it’s getting worse… because my [Muslim] wife she has a veil. In this area, I think, they’re not used to see something like this because it’s, I don’t know, strange for them. That’s why it’s so hard, they keep staring at her.”

….Every two or three days, they throw rubbish in my garden, say very bad words to me, very, very bad words. And one neighbour he told me, “Go home to your country, you’re rats, you this, you that”. I don’t want to say it on the radio….”


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82 thoughts on “‘Go Home To Your Country, You’re Rats’

  1. tony

    Im glad there are millions of others in this country who abhor this behaviour. I feel better when I focus on the good and try and make that grow, rather than on the inevitable muppets who are in every country. He should go to the police as those actions are illegal.

  2. 15 cents

    it angers me so much hearing stuff like this. people who give abuse like that are degenerate scum, and very quick to forget out own history of emigration. would they like irish people who’ve relocated to be treated like this? ive always said id pull the head off anyone i saw dishing out abuse like that, but i never see it, and that’s coz the people who do it are cowards, theyd never do it in earshot of someone who might take them down.

    1. newsjustin

      Tends to be done during the working day…invariably scumbags like this don’t bother working and never bump into anyone different.

    2. D2dweller

      True. Often wonder who these people are too. Just thinking of my own circles, family, friends, work colleagues, sports club members, none of these people appear to have this view. Just conversing with these people they all seem liberal fair minded open people. I have no doubt the people this man is describing exist…I just wonder what circles of society they roam

      1. 15 cents

        id imagine theyre from the lower echelons of society. usually people of little worth try to give themselves a higher footing by attacking people they feel are below them.

    3. Continuity Jay-Z

      The morons who abuse these people know nothing about emigration because they and their useless forebearers never had to leave the couch to earn a living.

  3. Mr. T.

    And many of the comfortable classes of Howth and Dalkey have the very same attitude only they whisper it in hushed tones to one another over lunch in Glasthule. They make sure refugees aren’t housed near them.

    As always in Ireland, the problems are at the very bottom and the very top of society.

    The middle trundles along suffering the effects of both.

    1. pedeyw

      I suspect there’s a streak that runs throughout society, not just the top and bottom. Pointing fingers doesn’t really do much to solve the problem.

      1. Mr. T.

        No it doesn’t but the lower socio economic class are always painted as the racists in most countries when the reality is usually very different. Its easy to pretend you’re not racist when you’re surrounded by other white Irish professionals in work and in your neighborhood.

        1. PhilJo

          True that, also 1st generation refugees rarely compete for professional work, they may however be used to drive down employment costs in areas where lower socio-economic workers are competing, resulting in resentment towards the refugee rather than the employer who wants to reduce labour costs.

          1. Continuity Jay-Z

            This is based on the assumption that the lower socio-economic contain people who want to work. The reality is is usually a bunch of cro-mangen dole monkeys who are the most vitrolic. Theyse flutes have never worked and if there was work on the chair they’d sit on the ground.

            You’ll find the people who could actually be classed as lower socio-economic workers have no problem with anyone who comes to share a workspace with them.

            Sometimes (I have no documentary evidence for the following assertion) I feel the driving down costs is a complete myth. I have worked in jobs with many newly arrived foreigners all all stripes and circumstances and our wages were the same and I knew of nobody who lost their job to a foreigner. In fact I know of nobody directly who ever lost a job to a foreigner.

          1. tony

            Yes I am. Its a ridiculous statement backed up by nothing. Most people in this country are extremely generous to all people. Walk through most estates and town in this country and you will find people of all colours going about their daily lives with no hassle. The few twats that are racist, xenophobic or just ignorant get dragged out to make some point that suits the usual self loathing twaddle on here.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          Listening to people talk in the pub on a Firday night gives you a pretty clear indication of casual middle class racism

          1. tony

            God, is that what you spend your time doing? Looking for the bad, your pursed lips itching for a tut tut.. Don’t you ever see the 95% that aren’t?

          2. Dόn Pídgéόní

            What, spend my time in a pub on a Friday nights?

            Yes, I do, pursing my lips around a tasty tasy beverage.

          3. tony

            Casual statements that call whole swathes of society racist, with no evidence whatsoever serve to undermine and devalue your efforts to be the liberal caring nightingale you present. Imagine your outrage if such sweeping generalisations were made about gays, migrants, travellers (well maybe not), or other minorities. But like Bob and Vote above, its no problem when its about the majority of Irish people.

          4. tony

            You’re right, this is what you said- Listening to people talk in the pub on a Firday night gives you a pretty clear indication of casual middle class racism

          5. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Yes. Which is not the same as “all middle class people in the pub on Friday are racist”. But, you knew that. You’re just being difficult. Enjoy that.

            As I will enjoy my beer tomorrow.

          6. tony

            Ah when you’re explaining your losing. Enjoy the boozer and avoid those pesky racists!! Your contempt for the many belies your compassion for the few.

  4. David

    I know several Iranians hereabouts and they are model citizens. Some people could learn a lot from them.

    1. Mr. T.

      Iranians are far more sophisticated than most Europeans. A friend went there on holidays and said he’d never been to such an interesting and welcoming place in his life.

  5. martco

    I’m reading reports of crews of Hungarian riot police treating these poor people like rats alrite….laugh at me or make judgement if ye want for writing this but I want to know as a citizen of this state and the European Union wtf is going on here and what we are going to do about it both collectively or privately? Its insane.
    Where is Kenny and what is he doing today? Apart I mean from quaffing whatever Parisian delicacies are on offer. Practically actually doing?
    Does anyone know what realistically is available to me as an Irish citizen to help these people right now? Genuine question thanks

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Yes, petitions to let you elected representatives know what you want them to do. Also letters to your MP/TD or whoever which is an important part of the solution and well as protests. And if you had bothered your hole to go and look at the suggestions made by myself and others, you would see that practical things like donations either of money or food and clothing are also made.

            Now, take your sarcasm and stick it somewhere painful like a good little idiot.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      UNICEF, who do trojan work imo, are currently seeking donations to support their work in the (genuine) refugee camps currently located in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. http://www.unicef.ie

      Of course they are countless Facebook pages and Twitter campaigns with avatar ribbons that you can acquire in return for your thumbs up or retweet.

      Or you could (unrealistically) pledge to house an entire Syrian family on your sofa without any word of Arabic and any knowledge of their medical health.

      Let’s hope they get the humanitarian aid they deserve, and fast.

  6. Junkface

    That’s awful, cruel, and ignorant. They need to be rehoused somewhere more peaceful. Although its more likely that this kind of thing will happen in a poor area

  7. RobinBoy

    I love the whole “go back to your own country” pooooo people shout.
    Seriously. What the fupp does that mean in the greater scheme of things?
    Do you honestly think you all come from an “original” Irish race?
    Everyone on this island comes from some sort of mixed/foreign background, be it English, European, Norman, Viking whatever.
    In two thousand years do you really think it will be the same white, christian Irish living here? No.
    If you do, then you need a fupping history lesson.

  8. doncolleone

    where are the cops in this? shouldn’t they be collaring these racist inbreds and cut off their dole? sure they have plenty of nixers and drug dealing going on to keep them going.

    1. Paolo

      Unfortunately, the law is extremely weak in this area. I suffered abuse and threats from a neighbour for months. My wife was threatened and my car was damaged. The police said that they couldn’t do anything without 3rd party witnesses and that I could not record the threats on my phone as it would be a breach of his rights and I could be prosecuted.

      I had to sell the house that I loved just as the bottom fell out of the market and I have been paying for it ever since.

      1. Gav D


        Out of interest, that garda was talking out of his hole regarding the recordings.

        Sorry you had to go through that sir.

  9. Bill

    Is there any proof of any of this, does he have video or audio evidence or are we just supposed to take his word for it.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m always a tad suspicious when I hear of these harassment stories. What does their Residents Association say, or the community Garda? Has anyone filmed or recorded the alleged abuse? (I know I would).

      1. Murtles

        It would be my first line of action if I was in his/her position. Some sort of a CCTV camera (in a covert position and with audio recording) at the front of the house. As this seems to be a regular occurance, there’s only so much the cops can do without proof, they drive by, scumbags hide. Cops can’t be babysitting the house all the time.

      2. Shane

        I find this cynicism pretty sickening. WTFupp does he have to gain by talking about this. If you think no irish person could behave in this way you don’t know your own country.

    2. Shane

      Are you for real?

      If you’d rather bury your head in the sand then listen to this man’s tragic and shameful story then this country really is fupped.

      1. Bill

        Yeah I am for real and it’s a valid question, you sad story bandwagon jumpers are the ones who have your heads buried in the sand. All reason goes out the window and you jump on your high horse and think you are better than everyone because “you care”. If you really care why not go and volunteer in a refugee camp somewhere and make.a difference to a refugees life. But there is not a chance in hell you would actually do that.

        1. Shane

          I do what I can. Doing a fundraiser next week for the poor bastards in Calais. This isn’t a bandwagon. It’s a full blown crisis and saying everyone who’s feels a little put out by the lack of empathy people like yourselves are capable of are just a bunch of lefty loons not capable of critical thought is beyond useless. It’s actually incredibly sad.

          The Irish were once the ones under the screw you know. No blacks no dogs etc.

          Take a look at yourself.

  10. Lorcan Nagle

    The number of people decrying racial discimination while engaging in class discimination themselves in these comments should think about removing the plank from their eyes before complaining about the mote in someone else’s

    1. Neilo

      You may as well go full King James: beam and mote, not plank and mote! Back to bible studies with you, me bucko! :)

  11. Rym Shanley

    I love the way that some of you are trying to make excuses for working class racism – by using deflections like the middle class are just as bad etc.

    Same way as some of you will excuse violent crime committed by working class people because of their “poor upbringing” or “lack of opportunities”.

    1. Rym Shanley

      It’s the sort of woolly thinking that allows the travelling community get away with homophobia.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      What a lot of bollocks. The problem here isn’t that there’s rascism in working class communities, it’s that Ireland is rascist overall. Taking this as an excuse to bash the working class, or the middle class is just projecting your own prejudices onto a much bigger problem.

  12. The priest

    If ‘Jonotti’ isn’t commenting here he has to be commenting under a different avatar.This post is pure Jonotti click bait.

  13. donthaveanafro

    Pop over to Journal.ie and click on any one of the various stories regarding Syria and the present refugee crisis and just have a look at some of the despicable comments underneath and the overwhelming support those comments garner. And that site, you would think, sees most of its activity from a readership between 18 and 40, the generation you would think offers most hope that this country might step out of the backward, dark, insular attitudes of the past. I’ve always sort of known it but have ignorantly chosen to give this country the benefit but that ship has sailed and we have to face up to the fact that this country of ours has a huge problem with racism. Or to put is starkly, Ireland is a racist nation. How utterly depressing.

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