Meanwhile, At The Banking Inquiry


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Watch the banking inquiry live here

Read Fintan Drury’s evidence in full here

Read Brian Cowen’s evidence as Taoiseach here and as Finance Minister here

Previously: ‘At No Point Was There Any Discussion Whatsoever About Anglo’

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Banking Inquiry

    1. 15 cents

      exactly, doesnt matter what is said, nothing happens to them at all. and its all stuff we know, like them having a meeting? , we all know what they did, where they were scheming is irrelevant. by this stage inquiries, tribunals.. are all just a waste of money. paying millions to confirm stuff we already knew, and then nothing happening about it.

      ireland = joke shop

  1. tony

    What were they supposed to be discussing? Doesn’t seem like either were the better for it so whats the problem?

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