Alsatian Once Again




Ian Begley writes:

A puddle in Lucan that sums up Ireland’s Summer…

Meanwhile, for that ideal early stocking filler there is a  large basement few copies left of  The Broadsheet Book Of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland, edited by Aidan Coughlan (New Island) STILL available to purchase here for €5.

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10 thoughts on “Alsatian Once Again

  1. John Cassidy

    I sent in a picture of a puddle last year that bore a far better resemblance to our old sod than this one does. Did it get get published? Did it fup!
    In fairness there was no Alsatian in my picture making the chances of a witty headline less possible.

    1. Anne

      Just for balance.. I once sent them in a crumpet that looked like Ireland and it got published.
      The key is to pester um and get all soured grapes about it. You’re doing the sour grapes perfectly.. keep pestering um though.

  2. alex lyons

    no such thing as an alsatian

    German Shepherd is a breed of dog recognised worldwide

    Name alsatian (after Alsace-Lorraine in France ex of Germany) was conjured up in England after WW1 as they didnt want to call a popular working dog German

    1. notlucas

      And the word has remained in common parlance ever since. The word ‘numpty’ wasn’t around after World War I and yet, here you are.

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