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Animated tips for your cat in a heatwave.

Sam Bourner writes:

Keep those cats cool! The first in a series of short animations featuring tips and advice for looking after cats in the changing seasons. Directed by Persistent Peril animation for the lovely folks at Cats Protection

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This morning.

Fordstown, County Meath.

Tom writes:

My dad’s existential pet lamb. He calls him ‘It’s Only Me’. A deep thinker….

Exiustential Pets to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Existential Pets’.

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Alan O’Regan writes:

He/she must be roasting today.


Meanwhile, Met Éireann writes:

Today will be very warm and mostly sunny. This evening, heavy or thundery showers will develop in parts of north Connacht and west Ulster. Cloud will increase near the south coast with some showery rain developing by nightfall. Highest temperatures of 24 to 29 degrees, warmest in the midlands and Connacht.

Met Éireann


Too hot for spot




Ian Begley writes:

A puddle in Lucan that sums up Ireland’s Summer…

Meanwhile, for that ideal early stocking filler there is a  large basement few copies left of  The Broadsheet Book Of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland, edited by Aidan Coughlan (New Island) STILL available to purchase here for €5.


Remember the heatwave?

Lonán Collins (top) wore a GoPro on his head (when not carrying it on a selfie stick) for the duration of  Summer 2014.

He writes:

I’m a second year student in UCD. As I’m sure you’re aware, last summer was a blinder and I used my newly acquired GoPro to record just some of the things I got up to. I’ve just edited the footage.

Filmed mostly in Kerry, you can see the Skelligs as well as several beaches around South Kerry, there is some filmed from inside and on top of a wind turbine, and there is also a bit shot in UCD.

Mainly I’m just chuffed with the result. if nothing else it, serves as a reminder how great a summer we had last year…I’d advise watching it in the highest quality setting,

Get him.

Music: ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars