Have You Seen The Hulk?



Kevin Powell writes:

I know you don’t normally but the Hulk (above) has been stolen. Taken at some point yesterday on Clancy Quay [Islandbridge, Dublin 8]. It was locked up at the the bike rack and they even took the lock. It has been on loan to a very wonderful Dutch woman while its owner travels through Peru. We’d really appreciate it if we could get some information on its whereabouts. It’s very distinctive and has pretty unique handlebars and awesome stickers.

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6 thoughts on “Have You Seen The Hulk?

  1. WeDontNormallyDoThis

    Sorry for your loss but that lock is feeble. You need a ULock through the back wheel and frame at the very least and that will only slow down the determined thief.

    Sure Lidl were selling bolt cutters for €8.99 only the other week.

    1. Sam

      I assumed it was mentioned to indicate that the owner unlikely to be back tomorrow or the next day, and hoping somehow that the bike will be found before then.

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